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Pat Baba Mandir - The amazing story of Colonel Smith's dream and Gun Carriage Factory

India is a land of mystery, mysteries that are beyond science and logic. Faith and Devotion is still beyond the realms of human imagination. Or else, how would you explain a situation like the establishment of Pat Baba Mandir in Jabalpur.

Situated in Jabalpur, the Pat Baba Mandir devoted to Hanuman Ji has a fascinating story behind its establishment. When Lord Curzon was the Governor General of British India, he had given orders to Colonel Stanley Smith to establish a Gun and Carriage Factory in Jabalpur, MP.

Colonel Smith, who took the project with great zeal and enthusiasm started the process of building it. But in due course of time, he found himself entangled in a strange situation.

The walls of the factory was always found collapsed the next day when it was built. This repeated several times. He brought in the best architects present at that time to understand the root cause and what could be done to mitigate it, however, in vain.

Frustrated with this uncanny situation, he once went to sleep early and had a dream. He saw that an ancient idol of Hanuman Ji was buried beneath the site of construction and Hanuman Ji himself showed up in his dreams and asked him to unearth it. Smith immediately got up and without wasting any time gathered a group of people.

On digging for several days, the idol was finally found. Smith was amazed to see an ancient idol as he witnessed in his dreams. He carefully lifted the idol and wrapped it in a red cloth, traditionally known as "Pat". He immediately ordered to establish a temple devoting to Hanuman Ji with all the traditions and customs.

And as you had guessed it right, there was no further problem of walls collapsing or any other hindrance in the construction of the temple. The temple is still there and visited by people every day, from the far corners of Jabalpur.

Since my current location is Jabalpur, my family and I often make a visit to seek the blessings of Pat Baba Hanuman Ji. The temple is spread across a big place with trees in surroundings.

The atmosphere and the aura of the temple is so serene that I bet you wont feel like leaving early. As it is located on a small hill in the outskirts of Jabalpur, the environment has a natural meditative energy.

The temple also has idols of Durga Mata and Shiva.

The story of the temple is also written at the entrance

So next time you visit Jabalpur, do not miss a chance to visit Pat Baba and feel the importance of this sacred place. After all it still keeps an eye on the Gun Carriage Factory!

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