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Temples & Mysteries

Temples & Mysteries

Indian Temples are not just a worship place but also depict mastery in crafting, sculpting, science and a broader message

Divine Places

Divine Places

The Divinity of a place reveals much more than what is seen

India has the longest past in the world - 5000 years old. This oldest civilisation which was once the centre of all the activities - Science, Medicine, Education, Trade and almost everything else had gradually lost to continuous invasions and finally British rule. Though the world doesn't formally give credits to India for many innovations, here is a list which brings together some evidences that proves the mettle of this nation.

Somnath Temple.png

Ancient Science

The Knowledge of the Poles and the Magnets way before it was formally accrued to the world

Khajuraho Mandir.JPG

Life Stages & Erotica

Sex which was a closed subject for the world in the past, was studied and explored in India

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