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About Me

I'm an IT Professional, currently working in Pune. I have had the opportunity to experience life in different states across India. I grew up in Kanpur and Kolkata, had my education in Meerut and Hyderabad, and have had the opportunity to work in Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon and Hong Kong. My last assignment took me to Hong Kong which was an amazing experience, both in terms of work and tourism.  

I believe that exploring places helps a person to evolve. People, cultures, traditions, and thoughts are different everywhere, and living along with them will make you understand and appreciate the other side. 

With this thought "The Daily Holiday" was started to help you with the What, Why and How of any travel. TDH will strive to bring the travel goals in you, no matter what type of travel suits you. Road Trips, Dream Routes and Destinations, Cultural and Religious Holidays, and many more. TDH intends to be a one-stop blog for all your travel needs!


Contact Me:

Mob: +91-9167694699

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