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Narmada Udgam Kund

Narmada Kund.JPG
द्विषत्सु पापजातजातकारिवारिसंयुतम् ।
त्वदीयपादपङ्कजं नमामि देवि नर्मदे ॥१॥
(Salutations to Devi Narmada) Your River-body illumined with Sacred drops of Water, flows with mischievous playfulness, bending with Waves,
Your Sacred Water has the divine power to transform those who are prone to Hatred, the Hatred born of Sins,
You put an end to the fear of the messenger of Death by giving Your protective Armour (of Refuge),
O Devi Narmada, I Bow down to Your Lotus Feet, Please give me Your Refuge.

Maa Narmada - River that is in very high regards in Hinduism, is one of the very few that flow from east to west. Narmada, which means "Giver of the pleasure" is the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh, without which the people, animals, habitat, nothing can survive. It is hence worshipped by the locals and also the people of India.


It originates from Amarkantak plateau, which is about 240km from the city of Jabalpur from a small pond. Unlike any other river that originates from a glacier, the fact that it starts from a small pond is itself miraculous. The lifeline of the state of MP then descends and flows from a cliff in the form of Kapil Dhara.​

Significance in Hinduism

It is believed that this holy river was formed when Shiva meditated so fiercely that He started perspiring. Shiva's sweat then accumulated in a tank which later took the form of Narmada river. Another fable believes that two teardrops fell from the eyes of Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe, which led to the formation of Rivers Narmada and Brahmaputra.

Sneak Peak of the Narmada Mandir

Mandir Construction

It is said that this was the place of great saints like Maikal and Vyas who meditated here. Historical evidences show that the mandir was built by the Kadchuli around 12th century. Bhosles of Nagpur and Devi Ahilya of Indore had also renovated this temple. 

Scenic Route

The road to any holy place is always serene and the landscape beautiful. Same goes with Amarkantak - Drive across and you will see majestic trees guarding the roads and offloading their shades which becomes nature's paradise.


There is more to Amarkantak than only the Narmada Kund. Old temples maintained by the Archaeological Society of India, Yantra Mandir, Waterfalls, Jain Mandir and some amazing pure vegetarian bhojnalyas. Make sure you visit this beauty of Madhya Pradesh.

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