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Situated on the banks of Narmada RIver, Jabalpur is also known as The Marble City of India and is popular for Bhedaghat, Jain and Kachnar Temple and most importantly Rani Durgavati. A lesser known fact is that it is believed that the game of Snooker originated from this city. The city boasts of major base of Indian Army and has the 4 Indian Ordnance Factories (the 4th pillar of armed forces)

How to Reach?

Airport: Jabalpur Airport 

Buses: From major MP cities

Trains: From all the major states

Accomodation & Transport

Oyo, MMT,

     Transport - Prefer to hire a                          vehicle

Madan Mahal Fort 

Dating back to 11th century, this fort is a manned fort to keep vigil on invaders. It is associated with Rani Durgavati, the Gond queen who dies fighting the Mughals. Stable, War Rooms, Reservoir and a geological marvel of Balanced Rock is what you encounter in the fort and on the way.

Madan Mahal Fort.png

Madan Mahal Fort View

Fort Compound.png

Fort Compound View

Balancing Rock

This is a geological marvel and is seen on the way to the Madan Mahal Fort. The rocks are uneven and are believed to be created from a volcanic eruption thousand of years ago. The weight and positioning along the gravitational pull has allowed these rocks to remain unmoved.

These rocks can also be seen from the Madan Mahal Fort and a trip to Jabalpur is indeed incomplete without visiting this natural geological marvel.

Balancing Rock.png


One thing which gives Jabalpur its identity is Bhedaghat. It can also be called as The Grand Canyon of India.

The marble rocks form an 8km narrow gorge along the Narmada river and is also mined to make various commercial things. 

“Bandar Kudni” - comes within this gorge where the rocks are high and close enough for monkeys to jump from one side to other. Hence the name. 

“Dhuandhar falls” - The waterfall in the same area which gives a visual of smoke formed by water vapours. 

Bedhaghat Photo_Fotor.jpg

Bargi Dam

Bargi Dam - A 100MW dam on the Narmada river is one of the 30 dams on the 1300+ km long river in MP. Completed in 1988 , this has become one of the tourist places in the city. There is a beautiful resort with a serene view of the Bargi river. The view of the Bargi river is also spectacular.

Bargi Dam.jpg
Dam Resort View.jpg

Kachnar Shiv Mandir

Witness the 70 ft tall Shiva Statue and immerse into the Shiv Aarti every evening. Know more about the Shiva Temple.  Click the image to know more.

Kachnar Jabalpur.jpg

Tripureshwari Mandir

Goddess of the beautiful 3 cities - This temple has mentions in the Puranas and has archaeological evidences of bricks, coins and other materials dating from 1000BCE to 14th century AD. These belong to Maurya, Shung, Satvahanas, Guptas dynasties. 

The Goddess, on a stone, has 5 faces (2 are invisible as they are on back side) which is now worshipped and holds religious importance. 

Tripursundari Temple.jpg
Trimukhi Devi.jpg


The sacred Gwarighat is a river side area, called as Ghat, is besides the Narmada River. It is highly revered by the Hindus as they perform the daily puja (Narmada Aarti) and the Tapas (spiritual and religious practices). The Ghat is also used to do the last rites as per Hindu tradition. 

There is a Gurudwara Gwari Ghat Saheb just on the opposite bank of the river which is revered in Sikhism. 

Hanuman Statue

Jabalpur boasts of many tall statues of Hindu Gods- Shiva statue at Kachnar, Goddess Kali statue and Hanuman Statue near Bilheri. This Hanuman statue is 108 ft tall and is counted in of the largest Hanuman statues. The foundation is 40 ft deep.

Though the area is still developing, people however flock to see a glimpse of this statue. 

Hanuman Statue.png

So will you visit Jabalpur? 

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