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India's Grand Canyon - Raneh Falls

There is a reason why Madhya Pradesh is called the "Heart of India" because once you start exploring the city, you heart will stay here forever. One such moment is visiting the underrated and least known, Raneh Waterfalls, also called as the "Grand Canyon of India".

If you are not aware, then Grand Canyon is in the Arizona, USA which is a river valley with grand rocks formed millions of years ago. A similar replica is in our MP and nowhere in the world. Thus the foreign tourists named it as the Mini Grand Canyon.

Location and Features

The Raneh Waterfalls is about 30 kms from Khajuraho and is a must visit for any traveller. The Ken river makes her way through these rock marvels. One can come directly to Khajuraho Airport or Mahoba railway station.

Note: As I visited the place by my car, the charges for 4 wheeler is 600 + 100 mandatory guide fee. For 2 wheeler, the fee is 300+100 mandatory guide.

These waterfalls with their jaw dropping beauty have five primary rocks that makes the canyon - Green Dolomite, Black Basalt, Brown Quartz, Red Jasper and pink granite. It is said that a volcanic eruption millions of years ago led to the formation of such rocks over a period of time.

Some of the colours can be seen in the pic above.

The depth of the canyon also varies greatly from as shallow as 5m to as deep as 60m. As you go along with the flow of the river, you can see the Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary (Alligators). If lucky, the Ghariyals can also be seen taking a sun bath on the rocks! However, it wasn't a lucky day for me in that sense :(

The route to the grand canyon is also wonderful. You have to drive past the farms and then enter inside a forest area that leads up to the Raneh Falls.

Covid times have led to even a further fall in the tourists and the place hence looks more serene. With no heads rolling nearby, one can feel the enormous nature and the insignificant role that we play in this beautiful world.

Here is a sneak peak of the place:

Does it excite you to explore more of Madhya Pradesh? I bet it will!

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