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Hong kong

Hong Kong - Often known as the city of Skyscrapers. All you see here is tall buildings which just doesnt seem to end. The city skyline is a visual treat to watch and the city has a lot to offer, despite being small in size.

With the hustle and bustle of the city, luxury showrooms, fast moving life, Iconic Tramways, Hills and Treks, amazing beaches and the list is endless. This is perhaps one of the very few places in the world that can give you all sorts of topographies. 

Have a look at this Hong Kong Itinerary which can be a fulfilling travel package!

How to Reach?

Airport: Hong Kong International Airport 

Fly from: All major international airports

Visa: Online application with 14 day stay

Accomodation & Transport, AirBnb

Transport - Public Transport - MTR, Tram, Buses, Taxis

Day 1

Disney Land & Victoria Harbour

Disney Land - Visiting an international city that has Disney Land is the dream for all those who grew up watching the amazing world of Disney. Kids will surely love the place and the same goes with adults as well! Get up in the morning and make your way all the way to Disney Land. You can take a direct bus from wherever you stay. Check the CityBus app for real time updates. Spend the entire day here in this fictitious world of cartoons.

Victoria Harbour - From a dreamy delight to a Visual delight, head towards the Victoria Harbour or Avenue of Stars to check out the city skyline which you may not have seen anywhere else. Dont forget to reach there before 8PM as there is a light and sound show from the top of the skyscrapers which will mesmerize you with beauty of this city.

Check out the video in our Videos section

Disney Land Hong Kong.jpg
Skyline Hong Kong.jpg

This will make you fall in love with the city the very first day!

Dinner? Since you are already in the Mong Kok area, you can find many restaurants both Indian and Chinese and you will be left with plethora of options to choose from!

Day 2

Buddha Statue, City

Buddha Statue

The famous Buddha Statue is a must stop for all visitors coming to Hong Kong. Situated in the Ngong Ping, Lantau island, this bronze statue is 112 ft tall and gives amazing views of the nearby hills and the monastery compound. On completion of this statue in 1993, monks from all prominent nations were invited. Have a feel of this serene place and see the beauty of Buddha, Monastery and the nearby Ngong Ping Village.

There are 2 ways to reach:

1. Take an MTR to Tung Chung and ride a bus all the way to Big Buddha

2. Cable Car from Tung Chung to Big Buddha - Gives an amazing view and recommended

Big Buddha.jpg
Buddha Staircase.jpg

The City


Causeway Bay

See the actual city of Hong Kong that is depicted in movies, TVs, ads, photos and so many other things. This is the heart of Hong Kong Island and also the costliest street on Earth. The rentals here are unimaginable, so just enjoy the shopping! 

Drown into the world of luxury, variety and the hustling beauty of Times Square.























Ever had a fantasy of working in cool, shiny and glittering offices? I am sure you must have seen the iconic buildings of HSBC or Standard Chartered or the Ritz Carlton Hotel. You can find everything in and around Central. 

Pic Credits: Trip Savvy

Causeway Bay.jpg
Standard Chartered HK.jpg

The Iconic HSBC Office

Other Offices

Day 3

Ocean Parkand Star Ferry

Can be considered as an Engineering Marvel, Ocean Park is a brilliantly designed theme park in the Hong Kong Island side. SPend at least half a day to enjoy the rides. And yes, if you have a HKID, you get free rides on your birthday! But alas, tourists may not have that! 

Nevertheless, aren't you waiting for this? 


Ocean Park HK.JPG

Pic Credits: SCMP

Star Ferry

I know that the city skyline has already intrigued and mesmerised you and it would foolish to see it again. So why not on an amazing ferry? Yes, the famous Star Ferry is another tourist destination or ride that everyone looks forward to. Even the locals ride it periodically because of the amazing sea and the lights.

Take the 60 mins tour in it and also witness the Symphony of Lights again!

Star Ferry.jpg

Day 4

Temples, Temple Street and The Peak

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

"What you practice is what you get" is what is practiced and preached in this temple. Located in the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, it is a must place to visit.

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Sai Tin.jpg

Pic Credits: Google

Temple Street

Time to visit the Temple Street to do some local shopping, local food and cheap stuffs! Yes, you can find cheap stuffs in HK too!

Located in Kowloon, it is not far from your previous destination. Although it looks beautiful in the night, but you can visit there during the day time as well.

Explore the market, buy souvenirs and some memories of HK!

Temple Street .jpg
Temple Street 4.jpg
Temple Street 3.jpg
Temple Street Items.jpg
Temple Street Food.jpg
Temple Street Shopping.jpg

The Peak

A yet another must visit in Hong Kong. Till now you have seen the city from ground level. Time to take the bird's eye view and see the beauty of this skyscraper city. 

Hop on to the iconic Peak Tram that can take you to the Peak in 7 mins on a slanting journey. Alternatively you can also take a public bus

Would you prefer the day view or night? ;) I would suggest to come in the evening to get a glimpse of both!


Day 5

The Outskirts

Hong Kong is not just about skyscrapers and the bustling city life. There is more to it. This is one of the very few cities where you can find sea, beaches, hills, all together! So time to check out some nature!

Sai Kung

Sai Kung island is one of the most prominent islands for trekking, hiking, fishing and relaxing! It takes some time to reach there but we have great transportation services. You will hop on to MTR, Bus, Speed Boat to finally reach here.

Get a glimpse of the island below!

Sai Kung Motor Boat.jpg


Good Catch!

Motor Boat Ride


Tin Hau Temple


The quiet village streets


Don't you want to camp?

The sea side village

Big wave Way

If Sai Kung is too far for you, then you can surf in yet another amazing beach on the HK Island side - "Big Wave Way".

A short MTR and a mini bus ride will take you there. Afterall, sea and beach are more expressed in pictures than words. Have a look!

Big wave Bay.jpg

Would you miss this view?

Oh, I forgot to tell about the BBQ!!


Surf, drink and relax!

You can reserve the remaining days, if any to re-visit some of these amazing places. Or you may also check out the Museums and the local market.

Travelling to Hong Kong is the easiest way from India and should be in your bucket list. 

Reach out for any queries!

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