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Exploring the neighbourhood of 'Central', Hong Kong

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I live in Causeway Bay, the heart of the city where you can find everything from daily necessities to ultra luxury. Not far away from Causeway Bay is yet another business hub - 'Central'. However, known for multinational offices, Central has some interesting streets to offer for some amazing experiences. One such streets is the 'Hollywood Road' and its nearby areas.

There are a few things that is worth seeing if you are in the city. Let us start!

Man Mo Temple

This Chinese temple was built between 1847 and 1862 by the rich Chinese Merchants. It houses two Deities - Man Cheong (God of Literature) and Mo Tai (God of Martial Arts). It is now officially entrusted to the Tun Wah Hospital Group. The importance of this temple lies in the religious practices and social organisation of the Chinese community in old Hong Kong.

Walking down the lane on the same street, you can find some amazing Street Art which is quite famous in Hong Kong and also with visitors. These are wall graffitis. Slide through and have a look!

The street art gained traction in 2016 and continues to attract visitors and photographers. In fact, the nearby streets have their own charm - greenery, restaurants, shops and boutiques.

Another famous area in Central is the Mid Levels. These are some unending escalators and also the longest escalator in the world. The place is mostly occupied by expats from all around the world and you can find some amazing nightlife. But here are the day pics!

Just a little distance ahead is the Center for Art and Heritage - Tai Kwun.

Occupying a large space in the middle of Central, this place is home to 16 revitalized heritage buildings that gives a history of the Judiciary and Police System of Hong Kong. One would not expect such a huge space with such a historical context in the middle of Hong Kong.

Once you enter inside, you can see hallways with pictorial and written information. Slide across to see some below:

After stepping out of the hallways, you enter the main compound which is really photograph worthy. The admiration increases when you realise that this is in the centre of Central which hardly has space!

There are some cool dining areas as can be seen from the picture above, it can definitely give a refreshing experience. I visited this during the Covid time and thus the crows was very less. It made the compound look even bigger.

Inside, there are different blocks that depicts erstwhile prisons, office of the superintendent, prison wards and story telling rooms. Though most of them were closed, you can still get a feel of them below:

It is an informative place not only for youngsters but also for kids who should know the history of the city. So, step out on a weekend and cover these amazing places in just a few hours.

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