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TravelPublish - Shefali

The traveler from Devbhoomi is on a mission to experience life by going out of her comfort zone. Her passion evolved her from a tourist to an explorer. Having covered most of India and multiple countries, "travelpublish" will inspire you to step out and capture this beautiful world. Follow Shefali on Instagram and Youtube:

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Awesome photos and destinations in your IG! Our readers would like to know more about you

Travel Publish: Thank you so much! My name is Shefali, I am from Uttarakhand. I have done my graduation and post graduation In Hospitality and Tourism and I have 7 yrs of Experience in this field. 

Matching Profession with studies is not very common! That's great! Since when you got bit by the travel bug?

TP: Since childhood I used to travel a lot but in 2018 I decided to make travelling my career

What was the trigger which inclined you towards travelling?

TP: Since childhood I have travelled to a lot of places  which made me inclined towards travelling and exploring new places, culture and people. When I grew up I decided to do my education related to this industry.  


My trigger point was when I went to Russia (on my maiden international trip), I realised that travelling can teach you a lot of stuff  which you cannot learn otherwise. The experiences you gain while travelling are magical .

Where have you travelled in India and abroad?

TP: I have been fortunate to explore many placesIn India I have travelled to 16 States and 3 Union Territories and Internationally I have travelled to 13 countries.

How do you plan for your travels?


TP: I usually travel with my husband but sometimes I go for solo trips too. Public transport is mostly used in countries which are safe and have good connectivity. I do high level planning for sure to know about the place I am about to visit.  But once I reach there and get comfortable with the place, I do make impromptu plans as well.

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You have travelled extensively. So what is that 1 place in India that you want to recommend?

TP: I would strongly recommend Kashmir to everyone. Kashmir is beyond heaven. You will get to see nature in its best form. Kashmir can be visited in different seasons like in winters you will get to see snowfall and if lucky, you can walk on frozen Dal lake. In spring, you can witness the tulip flower festival and in summer you can enjoy the beautiful Kashmir valley. 

What are the next destinations in your travel bucket?

TP: I would like to visit Leh - Ladakh and Japan

What are the essentials that you carry along?

TP: On the go IG and Youtube updates is a must for me and so Gopro Hero 8, Its battery, a laptop,  hard disk and a card reader are my essentials.   

Do you have any website/blog/Youtube channel?

TP: Yes, I do have a Youtube Channel which is growing. I have covered Goa, Rajasthan and Kerala which I hope has helped people in making their travel itineraries. Check out!


Any interesting travel incident that you want to share with the readers?

TP: When I was solo travelling in Sri Lanka I visited  a small town called Mirissa. Mirissa is famous for dolphin and blue whale watching, so I did the whale watching tour. My first ever experience of whale water spout was the most magical one. It felt straight out of cartoons that we used to watch in childhood. It was a lifetime picture for me that is still freshly ingrained in my eyes.

Any advice to budding travelers?

TP: Many times we make plans with our friends but these plans get cancelled. In that scenario, I would suggest you travel alone, explore that place and make friends while travelling because sometimes these friendships last longer. Solo travel also pushes you beyond your comfort which I think is a lifetime lesson.

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