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5 European destinations for 2021

The year 2020 has been a nightmare for everyone. We all have been longing to take a break from those long home working hours, eye balls glutted to the screens and unable to even go out for a cricket match. With travel destinations slowly opening up everywhere in the world, here is a list of Top 10 travel destinations that are not the usual ones. These destinations offer less crowd, real country experience and are very welcoming.

So what are you waiting for? Spin the globe and see the results below!

Lille, France

France is not just about Paris but also about other small towns and country side which offers you the authentic and real French experience. One such underrated city is Lille. It is situated at the borders of Belgium and has been rated as the best French city to live in. It offers museums, rich city life, ancient French architecture and an amazing zoo. With less crowd and charming experience, this place can be on your go to list in 2021. All the more, it is just 1 hour from Paris, 35 minutes from Brussels and 80 minutes from London!

Flights: Delhi/Mumbai -->Paris --->Lille (There is no direct flight from India to Lille)


One of the Balkan countries, Slovenia will take you through mountains and hills, urban culture and art, vineyards and the coast. Travelling by road in the country will enlighten your mood and take you away from the dull pandemic life. Roaming around in the country is relatively cheaper than western European countries, so you could plan well ahead!

Flights: New Delhi/Mumbai to Ljubljana (via Germany)

Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia is situated in the eastern Europe and is often called as the 'Gate of the Balkans" or "Door to Central Europe". A relatively inexpensive city as compared to France, Spain, Germany and other western European countries, Serbia is a beauty in itself. The ancient Forts and the Roman empire charm fills the cities of Serbia.

Flights: Direct from New Delhi

Visa: No Visa needed for Indian Passport Holders. Just book your ticket and hop on!

Rijeka, Croatia

Croatia is not just about Zagreb but much more than that. The country has a long coastal line and Rijeka is one of the cities in it. The museums that can be seen in Zagreb are also there in Rijeka. In fact, if you visit Rijeka in the carnival the city looks even more colourful and bright.

Flights: New Delhi to Rijeka (via Germany)

Palermo, Italy

"Sicilians build things like they will live forever and eat like they will die tomorrow. Going to Sicily is better than going to the moon"

Palermo is the capital city of the region of Sicily in Italy (or you can identify this with the most popular web series 'Money Heist'. Palermo was once the epicenter of the Sicily mafia which ruled the city for decades. The things are good now and the city is welcoming to tourists.

Palermo is not only about architecture or history. It is about the exquisite life of an Italian - thick coffee, narrow streets, night life, people dressed in style and more. However, you have to visit the palace, old theatres and some amazing churches of Palermo and the nearby towns.

Pic Credits: Travelonspot

Flights: New Delhi to Palermo (via Germany or France)

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