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Lloret De Mar, Costa Brava, Spain

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The ZNMD inspired trip to Costa Brava, Spain

Those of you who remember ZNMD can recall the road trip from Barcelona to Costa Brava. Though inspired from same, however, my trip was from Paris to Costa Brava, unfortunately not a road trip :(

“The coastal town of Costa Brava is about 150km from the marvellous city of Barcelona. The picturesque and serene beaches, 24*7 breeze and less population makes this place a great holidaying spot”

My Paris trip had ended but the excitement for Spain was even more. I had read and watched a lot about the culture, topography, people and the famous Gaudi of Spain. Hence, it was on top of my bucket list for Europe. So here was I, in Spain!

Sightseeing and Hotel

Mostly a fishing town in the olden days, Costa Brava has become one of the tourist hotspots for Europeans who wish to spend their holidays in a relatively calm place. Though I had a very short stay but I was able to cover the major sightseeing places.

It houses the Salvador Dali Museum where Dali often lived and worked. This is the same Dali that is now a rage from the popular Netflix series, 'Money Heist'. Cathedral of Girona and Santa Clotilde Gardens are other prominent places to see.

A view of the city from my hotel , Hotel Acapulco (named after a city in Latin America)

The coastal side!

All in all, if you plan a visit to Barcelona, you can experience the calmness of Costa Brava (and maybe madness during peak party hours) as it is just a 30 mins journey in a high speed rail. An itinerary of 2 days is decent enough.

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