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La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

You may have seen churches across the world with different styles and architecture, but they may not lie anywhere near to the exquisite Gothic style church of Sagrada Familia built by Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi is known to be the architect of Spain, or more precisely, architect of the Catalonia region.


Sagrada Familia, a UNESCO World Heritage site, started in construction in 1882 and was only 20% completed by 1926 when Gaudi died. He had devoted his entire life in this project and hence was buried inside the church's crypt. The construction came to a halt during Spanish Civil War and World War 2 and was restarted in 1950. Surprisingly, it is still under construction! Isn't it fascinating to know that a church is under construction since last almost 200 years!

It is scheduled to be completed by 2026 which marks the centennial of Gaudi's death.

Gaudi was known to dislike straight lines and it can be seen in his design for Sagrada as well. He gave swelling outlines to the tower that was inspired by the holy mountains of Montserrat, on the outskirts of Barcelona. Interestingly, in his lifetime, only the apse walls, crypt, one tower and one portal had been finished! He would have marvelled on his own creation had he been alive!

It has 18 towers, each of which has a significance of its own. The tower dedicated to Jesus Christ is in the middle and has 4 towers representing the Gospel around it. The tower above the apse represents Virgin Mary. The remaining 12 towers represents 12 apostles who carried out Jesus' work.

All the towers and the rest of the building make 3 facades:

Nativity Facade - This is about Jesus' birth

Passion Facade - About his suffering and death

Glory Facade (under construction) - About his resurrection

Inside Sagrada Familia

The main feature inside are the coloured tainted glasses that allow the sunlight to peek through thereby detailing the finest of art. Have a look!

Sagrada Familia is a unique Church, now Basilica, should be a must visit in your itinerary. The architecture of Antoni Gaudi will take you back to wonderland!

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