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Kapil Dhara, Amarkantak

My love with exploring nook and corners of India is growing exponentially. This is not just because of patriotism but realising that Indian places of significance not only offers you scenic and breathtaking natural views but also briefs you about deep scientific, religious history behind. Of what I considered just a plain waterfall actually has an amazing history that delves into science and philosophy.

Just about 6km from the Narmada Udgam Kund, lies these beautiful waterfalls, Kapil Dhara. Narmada river when originates from the Kund silently, flows to this place which then takes the form of a fall and later seeps in to the forests. The surroundings offer a lush green forest with the gentle stream of river that ferociously falls from the 100ft height and entices everyone by its sheer force and beauty.

The reason that it is called Kapil Dhara is because thousands of years earlier Kapil Muni, one of the great Indian sages used to live here and meditate. It is this place where Kapil Muni wrote the "Samkhya" , which counts human experience into two principles - Purusa (Consciousness) and Prakriti (nature). The explanation to this is beyond the scope of this small travel experience, but I would strongly suggest you to read it. It is sad that most of us do not know the rich history that we come from that spans across each and every discipline. Nonetheless, such places can revive your interest in it.

To enjoy this view, one has to go past the bridge, take the steps down and enjoy the beauty of this place. Yes, climbing back up takes a toll on your legs if you are not used to walking! But, that should not be a deterrent for you to miss the most amazing piece in this trip.

You can find a lot of monkeys here and there is a need to be little careful. Avoid giving any food or looking straight into their eyes, though largely it is not a menace.

There are lot of street vendors who can make you enjoy this place with their tea, lemon soda and other eatables.

How to Reach?

It is better to have a car or hire a vehicle when taking a trip to Amarkantak. If not then you can also find local autos who can ferry you to Kapil Dhara.

Have a blast and keep travelling!


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