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Coffee in India

India is primarily known as a tea consuming country. But do you know that India is among world's top 10 coffee producers in the world? Let's find out something about our very own Indian Coffee and the Coffee plantation.

Where is Coffee grown in India (Coffee Estates)?

  1. Coorg Arabica Coffee -Grown in the region of Kodagu district in Karnataka

  2. Wayanaad Robusta Coffee - Grown in the Wayanaad district in the eastern portion of Kerala

  3. Chikmangalur Arabica Coffee - Grown in the Chikamangalur district of Kerala,

  4. Araku Valley Arabica Coffee - Grown in the hilly tracks of Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and mostly use organic practices

  5. Bababudangiris Arabica Coffee - Grown in the birthplace of Coffee in India - Central portion of Chikmangalur, Karnataka

All the above Coffee types are recognized by the GI tag.

What is Arabica and Robusta Coffee?

Arabica Coffee has smoother, sweeter taste with flavour notes of Chocolate and Sugar

Robusta Coffee is more strong, harsh and bitter in taste.

Did you know?

Starbucks coffee only procures Arabica Coffee since it is more refined and is grown at higher altitudes. Now you can see why the pricing is high!

Slide across to see the Coffee Plantations:

Pic Credits: Coorgtour, Holidify, Bluetokaicoffee, Indianvisit,

What can you do as a tourist?

Coffee Plantations are in the hilly areas which are tourist places. Having a coffee plantation is an added benefit.

  • Take a walk across coffee plantations and learn the art of growing and nurturing coffee in organized Coffee Tours

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee in the traditional way that is the purest

  • Coffee Museum-- How can you miss this?

Pic Credits: Holidify, avalshe9.blogspot, thrilophillia

Fun Fact: How did Coffee arrive in India?

Coffee was brought to India by the saint - Baba Budan, from Yemen. It is believed that he smuggled 7 coffee beans in his beard and planted in his courtyard in Buba Budan Giri Hills, known after him. However, commercially Coffee came to India after British started the plantation in Southern India's hills.

Maybe something like this ;)

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