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An HK day trip with the locals!

Visit any new city and the touristy places are easy to search for and find. Like the first few noticeable things in Hong Kong are - The Peak, Victoria Harbour, Big Buddha, Disneyland, Ocean Park, Causeway Bay and the likes. Covering these places itself consumes a week.

But even if you explore more, there are some things that are bound to be missed and can only be known by a local! Thanks to my colleagues - Earvin, Ivy and Stephanie who not only showed my around but also explained the background of those places!

Mind you! These places are only accessible by personal vehicle. There are public transport but it leaves you far behind the main spots.

So let's begin the day!

Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Swimming Sheds were built by the HK govt. in the 20th century that provided changing rooms and wooden piers near the sea shore. Sai Wan is one of them and currently is the only shed that is serviceable. It is said that mostly oldies come here for a good dive and swim!

It is also one of the worst kept secrets of a beautiful senset point. People who know of the place come here and relax amidst the thick trees, beautiful vintage shed and the lovely sea!

Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Isn't it cool? That is why I keep saying - HK is the place where you can find sea, awesome city life, hills and sufficient nature!

Starting from here I was surprised by my head when he gave a great ride in his Tesla and we head straight towards the Airport side!


Not many venture out to the backside of the Airport where you can witness the gigantic sea, aeroplane yard and the famous Zuhai bridge of China, all together! You don't believe me? Slide across below:

I am sure after seeing this, you will make up your plan to visit Airport for a day trip as well :D

Close to the airport are the head offices of 2 of the iconic airlines that is also the face of Hong Kong - Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon.

Unfortunately the pandemic has brought upon a really tough time for them. The low cost airline Cathay Dragon is shut and we were there at the last day when people were taking their last pics with the airline board.

Cathay Dragon

From Left - Stephanie, Me, Earvin, Ivy

We could see Air Hostesses and pilots taking their last shots with the board as memories. It must have been heart breaking for them.

Cathay Pacific

Not far away is the grand office of the airline Cathay Pacific. It is currently an emotional topic for all the Hong Kong people as the news of cutting down of its staff went public. HK is a small yet powerful city and this airline brand resonates in the world. Naturally, the emotion. However, thanks to Earvin, who was a former employee with Cathay had an amazing story to tell about the below aircraft.

Cathay office greets you with their first ever propeller plane dating back to World War II era. Interestingly, this was lost during transit and was later found in Australia. It was then flown back to Hong Kong and has been kept as a symbol of Cathay. It gives a different spark altogether! Here is a glimpse of the aircraft again:

Video Credits: Earvin

After an amazing 2 hours spent near the Airport, next in line was the Lantau link Visitor Center which showcases 2 important bridges of Hong Kong - Ting Kau Bridge and Tsing Ma Bridge

Lantau link Visitor Center

Located near the northwest corner of the Tsing Yi island in the new territories, the Lantau Link Visitor Center is an observation deck which gives a serene view to the two Hong kong bridges.

That's me getting a good view of the bridge and also the moving cars on it!

Ting Kau Bridge

This 3800 ft long bridge connects the Airport at the Lantau Island to the rest of the Hong Kong. It started operations from 1998 and since then carries the heaviest volume of traffic. Needless to say that it looks beautiful in the night.

And if I go to the other side of the ground, I see a different bridge.

Tsing Ma Bridge

This bridge was the 2nd longest suspension bridge at the time of its completion in 1998. It connects HK with the Lantau Island and New Territories. Prior to this bridge, Lantau could only be accessed through water.

Getting to this Lantau Center is easier by a personal vehicle.You can find a nice restaurant with this amazing view. Spend some time in this quiet part of the city.

Our next destination was the older parts of Hong Kong - Sham Shui Po. Though I had been to a few places in Sham Shui Po, notably the electronic market, but this time I had to shop for some local Chinese Tea.

Instagram Pic Credits: sjmusgrave

Roam this local side of Hong Kong which also gives a feel of the mainland. It is not swanky like the Island side of the city but has definitely preserved its age old charm. And when it comes to dinner, avoid the restaurants and directly go to the local street food, called as 'Tai Pai Dong'

Instagram Credits: chkwan23 and ianhc_22

To my surprise, it also had amazing vegetarian dishes. I was also skeptical that such places may not offer vegetarian food but I was wrong. It was not only cheap but also tasty! I had veg Chowmein and Tofu (which were deliciously soft) along with the popular local beer 'Tsingtao'.

All in all it was an amazing day which couldn't have been possible without my colleagues. I thank them once again!

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