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Flamenco - The Spanish Dance

You may have often seen in movies that a group of people dressed in Red and Black performing a cultural dance. The group has a singer, a guitarist and the 'clap' music using their hands. There will be 2-3 dancers aligning their footsteps to the tune of the music.

Yes, I am talking about the world famous Flamenco dance.

Though it is believed to be originated in the Andalusia region of Spain, it is now widely being practiced across the world, especially the US and Japan.

In fact, Japan has more Flamenco dancers than Spain itself!

It originated in the 17th century and has many versions of dances. Some are sung without any accompanied music and some with guitar. There even used to be distinction between men-only and women-only dance forms, but now that has been largely clubbed into a duo performance.

If ever you make a trip to Spain, you can find many Flamenco dance events in the city center and different tourist streets. You must definitely watch one and probably also take a photo with them!

Check out one such dance in the Videos section.

Do you know that?

The origins of Flamenco is still a mystery?- Though not yet confirmed but most widely believed to be from Andalusia where Muslims, Gypsies, Castilians, Immigrants, Jews and locals co-existed.

Moorish Influence - The music also represents the time when Moors rules over the state of Spain and the sufferings caused by the locals during that time

Deep Emotions - The performances are characterised by deep and intense emotions. It is very evident from the eyes, the energy and the stiffness of the body that the dance carries a huge weight of emotions in it. It explores love, anguish, pain, loneliness and passion.

"Dancers do not need wings to fly"

If you get a chance to see this amazing passionate dance form, don't miss that opportunity! Share your experiences with us as well!

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