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El Nido, Philippines

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

You want to experience the serenity of the sea or the beauty of the islands like never before? Visit Philippines

Beaches, White sand, coral reefs, drinks, Nightlife, People from across the world -- This is what defines Philippines. With hundreds of beaches in different locations spread across this island nation, I chose El Nido, Palawan.

“You cannot stop looking at the clean waters and beautiful corals in the islands of Palawan.”

The photo above is not at all filtered! This is a simple take from my mobile and it is sufficient proof to tell you about the beauty of the waters in Palawan.

El Nido is a town in the Palawan Islands and also has an airport. It is mostly crowded with tourists from practically all across the world. Since Philippines is a relatively inexpensive country, tourists prefer to stay here for longer duration to enjoy every nook and corner.

Just explore different beaches and you will see that some are so clean and free of crowd, that it almost feels like a private beach!

El Nido normally offers you different Island routes every day. The route is almost for full day and it takes you in the sea with some amazing islands and even a chance to snorkel!

Isn't it a fairy tale view?

This is simply breathtaking! Thanks to our boat colleagues who had a drone!

Oh yes, you can also be successful in "Finding Nemo"

And don't worry about lunch! The boatman prepares that as well and this is how we dine in in an island!

And the group below

So all in all, visiting Philippines is strongly recommended due to its natural beauty, amazing people and not so expensive trip!

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