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Welcome to Disneyland Hong Kong!

Who doesn't know Disney and who doesn't know Disneyland?! I bet no one! But yet all of us irrespective of our age dream to visit this dreamland which is not just a fantasy but also magical. The closest and probably cheapest to visit from India is the Hong Kong Disneyland!

Located in the outskirts of the city, it is easily reachable by Bus or Metro.

Take the MTR from Hong Kong MTR Station for Sunny Bay. There are sufficient signboards to guide you through.

Change the train from Sunny Bay to Disneyland!

Your magical day starts with the train itself!

In about 10 minutes, we reach Disneyland! The excitement increases tenfolds when you see the welcome gate:

Enter inside and the world changes. There is a ticketing counter before the main park begins and you may show your online tickets/vouchers or can purchase a new one. Due to Covid, there was a pre-registration on the Disneyland Hong Kong website.

Once the tickets formalities are done, here we go! It is customary to take out our cameras and we started shooting the beautiful buildings. But, there was a surprise!

Woah! What an energetic, mesmerising, magical, beautiful, etc. etc. etc. start! Your entire childhood is right in front of you!

Here onwards, everything is beautiful. Buildings, shops, rides, the park and the people!

Walk down the same road and you witness the castle of your dreams!

If you want to capture your selfie, then queue up and the staff will help you! Here am I with my friend.

The diversion of routes start here with options for Tomorrowland, IronMan and Antman shows, Adventureland, Mystic Manor, Philhar Magic, It's a small world, Winnie the Pooh and so many! We started with the Iron Man!

He was humble enough for a photo :D . But even Ironman was Covid conscious :P . He had his mask and I had mine!

There is an amazing Ironman museum that showcases everything related to Stark Industries.

Head next to the Adventureland! Get the taste of boating, Theatre in the Jungle with Lion King, Tarzan Tree and some cool real looking man-made animals!

The boat ride in AdventureLand takes you through the waters with Elephants, Chimpanzees, Rhino, Hippo, Cobras and Zebras! Slide across and roam with me!

Adventureland is not yet over! Time for some amazing performances in the Theatre in the Jungle- with Lion King!

Hakuna Matata!!!

After this energetic performance, time for the Mystic Land!

Mystic Manor - This is probably the best ever creation that Disneyland has ever made. It truly will make you feel that you indeed are in a magical world. Photos may not do justice to this statement. It can only be experienced inside the beautiful castle and riding on the lorry!

Check out!

And all this magic was inside this castle:

Amidst all this, how could we forget our lovely Winnie the Pooh? I bet every child had thought that honey was only prepared by Winnie in this whole wide world!

Do you want to know how it looked from inside? Check out!

Any conversation about Disney can go on and on. But one cannot forget "Frozen". From movie to merchandising, it ruled our hearts. And just for that, there is an amazing performance for it!

Wasn't that a fairytale?

This is what all you can do in the day! But when the sun sets, the beauty of the park is at a different level. Slide across some of the photos:

That's not all! Because Mickey wont leave you so easily. Mickey has a surprise for everyone!

Watch it till the end :)

So that was a full 1-day trip to Disneyland Hong Kong! You may choose to stay at the Disneyland resort which I am sure would enrich the experience tenfolds.

And the magical day ended with this

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