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World's longest Bus Journey

Yes, you read it right. Perhaps the best news for travel enthusiasts during the Covid times, the world's longest and most exciting bus route is finally here. And it starts from India.

We are talking about the Delhi to London bus trip. This is the brainchild of Adventure Overland, a company that offers amazing road trips, though they had already travelled this route by SUV earlier.

Before giving further details, here is a sneak peak on the route.

Is this the first ever route?

The answer is No. 1956 was the year when the first organised bus tour was available from Paris to Mumbai. However, the most popular one was in 1957 organised by operator Indiaman - A round trip from London to Calcutta (now Kolkata) that carried with 7 passengers who made this trip.

Thus bus left London on April 15, 1957 and reached Calcutta on June 5th. It went back to London and reached on August 2nd.

Pic Credits: CNN Traveler

And as we say hauntingly that the past always comes back :D

Thanks to Adventure Overland, we can now experience the same journey with a much different world now.

So what is in store for you?

How much will it cost you?

The company has divided the whole trip in 4 legs and you may choose any 1 or combination or all. But if you want a full trip, then it will cost you INR 15 lakhs per person.

What is the duration?

The whole journey will take 70 days.

What is included in these INR 15 lakhs?

  • Hotels

  • Meals

  • Transportation of the bus

  • Visa and Tourist Fees

  • English speaking guide in every country

  • Border crossings and ministry approvals

  • Fuels, tolls, taxes, etc.

  • Refreshments throughout the journey

What is excluded in these INR 15 Lakhs?

  • Flights

  • Meals that are not included

  • Alcohol

  • Sightseeing that is not included

  • Medical Expenses

  • Travel Insurance

  • GST

An overall of INR 20-22 lakhs can be considered per person for this entire trip. Though not easily affordable by all, but the trip is definitely a lifetime experience.

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