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Matheran - The Paradise


Simply put - Matheran is a paradise. Just about 2 hours from Mumbai, the hill town of Matheran can refresh you to the fullest so that you can restart you upcoming week with full energy. It offers you beautiful sunrise and sunset views, waterfalls, trekking activities, lakes and some old charming games. 

Just hop on to a local train from Mumbai and get down at the station of Neral. Since Matheran does not have a railway station being on a height, Neral gives you the nearest option. So here I was along with my friends in the local! And believe me, standing at the doors in a less crowded train is something to go for. But yes, be safe!

Mumbai Local

Once you reach Neral station, there are 3 ways to reach Matheran:

  • Trek to Matheran - Simply walk

  • Ride a horse - I did that for some time and was an amazing experience!

  • Choo Choo Train - I would suggest to take the toy train. Now where will you find this in Mumbai?!!


Or if you are really like horse riding, then here it is!


You will find lot of amazing landscapes and views from different hill tops. The lush green grasses and trees keep the spirit alive and refreshes you every moment. 


The most famous point - Louisa point of Matheran. Dont you feel it is worthy enough to just pack your bags now and go out!


Apart from the landscapes, you can also try your luck in some old games of bow and arrow. Such things are always missed in cities and we all have fond memories of the village and town's 'Melas'. But not to worry, we have Matheran to the rescue!


Just see how my friend is trying to concentrate!

Matheran Games.jpg

With all the walking and trekking, you will find loads of people selling some local snacky things to munch upon. And trust me, they are tasty!

Hill Snacks.jpg

The Charlotte Lake in Matheran is a must to visit. This clean and beautiful lake surrounded by the small hill tops is a pleasing sight. It is also the primary source of water for the people of Matheran. Also visit the archaic temple of Lord Shiva - Pisharnath Mahadev Mandir which has not the usual black Shiv-linga. 

Charlotte Lake Matheran.jpg
Pisharnath Mahadev Mandir.jpg

Matheran is a lovely town sitting in the lap of the nature. Get out of the hustle and bustle of the city life and a mere 2 day vacation at Matheran can refresh, re-energise and motivate you for the week ahead.


So plan and let me also know your experience :) 


Best Time to visit 

July- September, MMT, Trivago


Mumbai to Neral - Local Train

Neral to Matheran - Toy Train

Within Matheran - Walk

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