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The Mandu Festival

Mandu if a forgotten gem of Madhya Pradesh. But thanks to the increasing domestic tourism, Mandu Festival has been able to regain its lost glory and charm. This new year, let us do something different than the usual bar hopping. Time for some Hot Air Balloons, Fascinating History, Good Food, Adventures, Live Music and Sightseeing. 

Where is it?

Mandu is an ancient town which is just 2 hours drive from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. 

Mandu Festival.jpg

Pic Credits: Mandu Festival

What is it famous for?

Now it is best known for a fort built by the emperor Baaz Bahadur in the memory of his wife Raani Roopmati. Mandu was the capital of the Muslim state in the north of India but was later abandoned. Now the city has large number of ruins. Some of the prominent sites are:

Darwazas: Mandu has 12 darwazas (doors) including Dilli Gate, Tarapur Gate and Haathi Darwaza. Being one of the most fortified cities, one had to cross 12 big darwazas to enter the fort.

Alamgir Gate Mandu.jpg

Alamgir Gate

Pic Credits: Navrang Blogspot

Jahaz Mahal, Rani Roopmati Pavilion, Baaz Bahadur Palace, Rewa Kund

Instagram Pic Credits: Indoreupdates, councilofroyalroots, fortinrajasthan

Interesting Fact: Do you know what gave inspiration of Taj Mahal to Shah Jahan? - Hoshang Shah's Tomb

Hoshang Shah Tomb.png

Instagram Pic Credits: _aaminkhan

What is the Mandu Festival?
Apart from the monumental beauties and stories, Mandu now has a great frestival to offer you, during the New Year week. It is no ordinary festival but one with many things to experience.


Mandu Festival typically starts from December last week until 1st January. Every day has its own itinerary defined by the organizers.


  • Start your day with Hot Air Ballooning and enjoy the beautiful view from the top. I am sure you will be mesmerized.

  • Follow up with a cycle tour of the town along with a Story teller

  • How about some Yoga now?

  • Let's have some delicious food now

  • Hop on Hop off for an amazing bus trail

  • A Heritage Walking Tour

  • Religious Ceremonies

  • Laser Shows

  • Display of Authentic MP crafts

  • The Musical Night!

If the words are giving you the Mandu Travel Goals, then pictures will book your tickets!

Mandu Festival Collage.jpg

Pic Credits: Mandu Festival Website

For other information and booking, visit

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