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Majuli Islands

Assam, the north eastern state that has natural splendour, historical value, ancient culture and festivals and a fascinating history has the World's largest river water island. Located in the heart of Assam, Majuli island is also the largest island district in India. It should be visited by every Indian before it vanishes due to the changing climate conditions.

How was Majuli Islands formed?

Originally known as Majoli, it was a narrow piece of land which was known as Ratnapur. Ratnapur was the capital of the Chutia Kingdom with Brahmaputra flowing in the north and Burhidihing in the south. After the frequent earthquakes in the 16th century, a catastrophic flood resulted into part of Brahamputra discharging southward in the Burhidihing lower channel, thus forming Majuli Islands. 

Majuli Island.jpg

What to do in Majuli Islands?
The island has the potential to offer you a history on the tribal culture, festivals and natural wonders. It houses the tribal community of Misings, Sonowal Kacharis and Deoris. It is also the hotspot of Assamese Vaishnavite Philosophy.

1. Satras

Visit the 31 Satras that the island has (Originally it was 64). Many devotees visit the Satras during the Rasleela festival. Dakshinpat Satra is the most popular with a gateway featuring motifs and flowers. Satras are home to ancient artifacts, weapons, manuscripts and cultural relics. 


Dakshinapat Satra

kamalabari satra.jpg

Kamalabari Satra


2. Tengapania

It is a popular picnic spot which draws tourists round the year. Enjoy being with the nature in bamboo cottages which are built in Ahom style.



3. Majuli Masks Workshop

Majuli is also known for its traditional masks. Workshops are organized known as Natun Samaguri Satra that teach about different process of making masks which may take weeks to prepare. 

Majuli Masks.jpg


4. Festivals of Majuli

The famous Raas leela festival is celebrated in the month of Novemeber where many tourists come and enjoy the Satras. It is a festival of music, dance and theatre. 


Organized Tours

If you think that you need a group to experience all the above things, then check out which organizes various types of tours:

  • Photography Tour

  • Corporate Gatherings

  • Culinary Tours

  • Boating Tours

  • Bicycle Tours

  • Cultural and Theatre Tours  and many more!!

Reaching Majuli from Jorhat-- By Ferry

Jorhat Airport is the nearest and is well connected with other cities. Nearest International airportis Assam airport that is 323 km from Jorhat

Jorhat Railway Station

Jorhat District. Private and State buses from Guwahati run daily for Jorhat

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