Lavasa - The Indian Italian

A private city based on the Italian town of Portofino with streets and buildings bearing the name of the town, Lavasa is a private hill town near Pune, Maharashtra. It is more of a day trip from Pune and weekend from Mumbai, but if you are with your friends and want to relax in an amazing way, Lavasa is the place for you. 

It is about 58 km from Pune but still it takes much time to reach - Reason being the amazing journey. I would say that the journey to Lavasa is more beautiful than anything else. With numerous natural waterfalls, cool breeze, the freshness of Western Ghats and amazing roads, it is for sure that you will stop multiple times before reaching your destination. 

That is how you drive from Pune to Lavasa! Isn't the road beautiful enough to pull you out from your bed!

And you will get numerous waterfalls like these enroute your way. 

Families, Friends, Solo Travellers, be it any, these are a must stop for all

Weekend or Day trips from Pune and Mumbai are always done during Monsoon. Lavasa is no different. You can see how beautiful and fresh it looks. So don't forget to carry your raincoats!

Dasve View Point - A town of Lavasa which is as famous as the Lion point of Lonavala. Come here and get some amazing DP clicks.

Accommodation and Trivago can give some good deals

Transport - Personal (preferred)