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No blog, photograph, videos or anything else can describe Indore better than living the experience in the city itself. This mega city of Madhya Pradesh is by no means less. It is one of the most advanced cities in India and the cleanest since last 4 years. It being ranked no. 1 in the Swacch Bharat Campaign is not just another rank but shows the difference it has created compared to other cities. Any discussion on Indore is not even half if you dont talk about the amazing, diverse, rich food that the city has to offer.

How to Reach?

Airport: Indore Airport 

Buses: From all the nearby states

Trains: From all the major states

Accomodation & Transport

Oyo, MMT,

     Transport - Local, 2 wheeler

Indore is also known as 'mini-Bombay' since it has ample business opportunities, open 24*7 and good people. The city has numerous street food areas, restaurants and cafes and a young crowd to mingle with. Some of the places that is a must to go are:


Can I say it the Disneyland of Food? Ofcourse yes! As the name suggests, Chhappan means "56" and literally you can find 56 different items to move your tongue on! The dishes are all over from India - North, South, Chaats, Faryali and what not. You will also find Chinese, Italian and other popular cuisines. 

Chhappan Indore.png

Instagram Pic Credits: _real_sparsh_sorde_44

Sarafa Bazaar

This is the Pride of Indore and has been there since a long time. Sarafa is generally the Jewellery market across India, however in Indore it also takes the shape of a vibrant night street food market. Since jewellers operate their business till late evening, this market opens at 10PM when the crowd starts coming. 

It is not just about eating amazing food but also to check the expert level tossing that the steet vendors do with their plate of dishes. It not only appeals to your eyes but also makes you want to try the dish even more.

Screenshot 2020-12-28 at 11.43.47 AM.png

Kesar Haldi Milk

Pic Credits: Free Press Journal


This is a 7 storied structure or mahal built around 2 centuries ago by the mighty Holkars of the Maratha Empire. It serves as a fine example of royal grandeur and architectural skills. It has a beautiful courtyard that was suited to the tropical climate. Tourists can experience the architectural touch of Mughals, French and Marathas in this grand palace. 


Pic Credits: Knocksense

Khajrana Ganesh Mandir

Khajrana is a pilgrimage center for Hindus and worships Lord Ganesha. It was built in 1735 by Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar of the Holkar dynasty. It is believed that a priest dreamt about the idol of Ganesha and the Maharani had excavated the idol from the ground. One can still see the well opposite the temple from where the idol was dug out. 

The temple is popular in India as well as abroad. 


Pic Credits: Youtube

Kaanch Mandir

The temple is entirely made of glass and mirror and was built by Hukumchand Seth who was also known as the Cotton King. It is mainly a Jain temple and almost everything is made of glass - Floor, walls, celiling, fans, doors! Imagine the spectacular sight inside!

Kaanch Mandir.jpg

Pic Credits: CurlyTales

Neki ki Deewar

A brilliant concept that can be seen at other places in India and Abroad - Neki Ki Deewar is a place where anyone can donate anything. It is open 24*7 and the needy can easily grab something of their use. It is better than an NGO since it will always remind us of contributing to the society and the needy.

Neki ki Deewar.HEIC

The Traffic Robot Cop

You all know robots and have seen them in movies or your science projects, but here in Indore, there is a Robot that is a traffic policeman. Yes you read that right! This Traffic Robot Cop was installed in 2017 and since then it has been managing traffic effortlessly. It is around 14 ft tall and can rotate 360 degrees. Check out below!


Doesn't all of this make you excited? So, make a plan to this amazing city of Madhya Pradesh

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