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Daman - The Portuguese Town


Beaches, Old Churches, vicinity to Gujarat and Maharashtra and above all, Cheap Liquor- These are the reasons that make Daman a popular destination. It is just about 2 hours from Mumbai, and the fastest way to reach is the local train. Take a train to Vapi and then just 12 km by bus will land you in Daman. 

Alternatively, you can also drive all the way from Mumbai to Daman.

Bom Jesus Daman.jpg

Bom Jesus Church: More than 400 years old, the Church of Bom Jesus was built by the Portuguese and is a fine structure of Roman empire. The wooden carvings, doorways and intricate interiors can be admired. Have a look at the Church and offer prayers.

St Jerome Daman.jpg

St. Jerome Church: Built on the name of the priest St. Jerome, this was built in the 17th century. The church has a giant gateway that features the priest. A lot of portuguese history is associated with this. Daman was an official colony of Portugese till 1961 after which it was taken under control by India. 

Daman streets.jpg

It will be pleasing to hire a scooter and roam in the streets of Daman! But remember, not to drink and drive!

Daman Beach 1.jpg
Daman Beach 2.jpg

Daman offers 'black sand' on its beaches. It will be a different experience getting yourself rolled up in the sea sand.

All in all, Daman is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the low cost alcohol. People from Mumbai and Gujarat can easily travel and make it a cool weekend trip.


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