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Road Trip from Chennai

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  • Mahabalipuram

  • GangaiKonda, Cholapuram & Brihadeshwara Temple

  • Dhanuskhodi (Near Pamban)

  • Madurai

  • Kodaikanal

A journey through Tamil Nadu is an enchanting experience. With centuries old temples, clean sea, beautiful hills, rich culture, great roads, ancient architecture and loving people - How can someone miss this fantastic combination! In this trip you will experience India like never before. 

Chennai --> Mahabalipuram

Start your trip from Chennai and directly take the coastal route to Mahabalipuram. Also known as Mammalapuram, this ancient town is famous for UNESCO World Heritage site of temples and monuments built in around 13,500 BCE. Cherish and experience the 40 odd sites made of out of stone carvings - Arjuna Penace, Shiva Temple, Mahabharata, Cave Temples. 

Mahabalipuram road.jpg

Pic Credits: Travel Triangle

Temples - Brihadeshwara, Gangaikonda 

Yet another UNESCO World Heritage site and part of the "Great Living Chola Temples" , Brihadeshwara and Gangaikonda are temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was built between 1003 and 1010 AD by Chola Dynasty. The Brihadeswara's temple viman was at one point of time the tallest structure in the world.  

The Gangaikonda temple is about 70kms from Brihadeshwara temple and is also a part of the "Great Living Chola Temples". 


Brihadeshwara Temple, Pic Credits: Wikipdedia

Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Pic Credits: Native Planet


Not many may have heard of this town, especially people from outside TN. Dhansukhodi is the ghost town of TN because it was abandoned after the 1964 cyclone. However, this deserted piece of land has many things to offer you. From amazingly clean sea just like a Windows wallpaper to the beaches and Pamban Bridge and most importantly- Ram Setu , Dhansukhodi should be on your list.

How to Reach - You have to take a train to Rameshwaram from where govt. aided Jeeps will take you to Dhansukhodi. There are options for lodging and fooding as well. 

dhanshukhodi sea.jpg
pamban bridge.jpg
ghost town.jpg

Pic Credits: Oyo Rooms

You may also take the beautiful road to Dhanuskhodi where you have Indian Ocean on one side and Bay of Bengal on the other!

Road to Dhanuskhodi.png

Pic Credits: TollFreeTraveler Youtube


This ancient and energetic city in Tamil Nadu has a skyline that is dominated by 14 colourful and beautiful gopurams of Meenakshi Amman Temple. Madurai is the soul of Tamil Nadu and connected with Romans way before other cities did. See the different temples and Gandhi Museum, enjoy the local city food and feel welcomed by the lovely people!


Pic Credits: Sangam Hotels

How to reach from Dhansukhodi?

Take the train from Rameshwaram to Pamban Junction and take back the road to Madurai or just drive back the same road from Dhanuskhodi

The beautiful city hill in the state of Tamil Nadu. One thing is a fact that south is comparatively cleaner than most of the other parts in India. The same goes with the city hills and thus you will admire Kodaikanal.

Spend some time in these hills and enjoy the serenity of Kodaikanal Lake, the beautiful public parks and the soothing sound of the waterfalls. If you are not convinced with the words, I am sure pictures will convince you.


Pic Credits: India Travels

Kodaikanal 1.jpg

Pic Credits: Wikipedia

Back to Chennai!

Kodaikanal to Chennai is roughly 10-12 hours drive. You may enjoy a long road trip in one go or may take a break in some hotel. However, the roads are good. 

If you have time, then you can continue your journey to Coaimbatore and experience the hills once again. 

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