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Route Map

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Travel Accessories

  • Ruffle backpack

  • Sports Shoes

  • Water Bottle

  • Camera and Equipments

  • City Map

You need around 3 weeks to cover this amazing route and witness some of the holiest and picturesque sites of Northern Spain.


Major Places:

Roncesvalles --> Pamplona ----> Puente La Reina ---> Estella ---> Logrono ---> Najera ---> Burgos ---> Leon ---> Astorga ---> Santiago De Compostella ---> Carnota ---> Costa Verde ---> Santandar ---> San Sebastian


Pamplona: The City of the Bull Run. This is where the famous bull run of Spain originated. The Santa Maria Cathedral is the symbol of Pamplona that is a must visit. Don't miss the Gothic cloister built in 1472 with its numerous tomb slabs

Puente La Reina: The five arched pedestrian bridge that was a gift from the then wife of the King is one of the most beautiful spots in this pilgrimage route.

Camino De Santiago.jpg
1 hour (85 km)
3 days

Walk around the old city centre and Plaza del Mercado and experience the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Redonda. The two tall towers are visible from a distance. 1 full day is enough to get a glimpse of this city - Logrono.

Burgos: One of the most important stops on the way to Camino de Santiago, Burgos is a fine city with exclusive art and sculpture. Your road trip would have an ultimate experience when you pass through Burgos. Spend some days to get a great view of the city.


Leon: This 1st century city of Leon boasts of the magnificent Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Regla with its two towers. Cover your road trip with this Cathedral and the church of St. Isidor of Seville which also houses its relics.

The ultimate stop for which the journey began - Santiago de Compostela. This houses the tomb of St. James which in the middle ages was the most important Christian pilgrimage site after Jerusalem and Rome. Even today, many pilgrimages walk on foot to reach this holy cathedral. 

Santiago De Compostela.jpg
1.5 hour (130 km)
2 hours (170 km)


Ride share / Hitch Hike
7 hours (235 km)
3 days
1 day
Carnota Surfing.jpeg
1 hours (60 km)

The sandy beach of Carnota is a surfer's paradise. It also has the longest granary inb the region. You may reach Carnota during day, have a great surf and head on to the next destination.

Witness the oldest lighthouse in the world in the city of La Coruna. Apart from the fishing city tour, you may also check the museums that houses Roman an Celtic times displays.

La Coruna.jpeg
Costa Verde.jpg

Experience the coast between Ribadeo and Santander in the region of Costa Verde. Take a break in the city, experience the cosy pubs, and empty beaches. It is also worth taking a detour to visit Oviedo, the capital of Asturias

1.5 hours (100 km)
9 hours (235 km)

Ribadesella: The old town and the long sandy beach makes this town attractive. However, the caves of Tito Bustillo is the major attraction which is believed to be 20,000 years old depicting images of deer and horses. There is a limited visitor visit per day, so better book in advance.

5 hours 
Santillana del mar.jpg

Santillana del Mar: This is a small town located slightly away from the sea. The picturesque alleys, old walls covered with ivy and a Romanesque collegiate church are the main attractions. Stay here and enjoy the charm which this city has to offer

2.5 hours  (100 km)
Santander Spain.jpg

Santander: Called as the 'Capital of Secret Promenades', this port city grew from a fishing town to a large trading port city. La Magdalena Peninsula palace is the center of attraction. Also visit the beautiful beaches of Primeria Playa and Segunda Playa.

30 mins  (30 km)
Ride share / Hitch Hike


2 days
1 day
2 days
2 days
1 day
2 days
4 hours  (150 km)

San Sebastian: The northern Spain journey ends in the beautiful sea-side town of San Sebastian. This has long been the summer retreat option for the Spanish Kings and that is why the mansions still dominate the city landscape. Get yourself clicked with some of these mansions. Check out the Plaza de la Constitucion which was the place of bull fights. Numerous balconies surround the city center from where the people used to enjoy.

2 days

And with this we come to an end of a fantastic journey of the northern Spain. I am sure this will give you memories to last for a lifetime.

You may choose flights from the San Sebastian Airport or Bilbao Airport (about 100 km from San Sebastian)

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