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Jatayu Earth Center, Kerala

Sculptures and statues are renowned and famed across the world. But I bet you wouldn't have seen anything finer than the Jatayu Bird Sculpture in any of the world's artificial fauna designs. The Jatayu Earth Center in Kollam district of Kerala is the finest example of an eco-friendly sculpting. The Design It boasts of staggering measurements - 200 ft long, 150 ft wide and 75 ft tall. This concrete structure is built in an area of 15,000 square feet and stands at an altitude of 1000 ft and is the Word's largest bird sculpture. The beauty of the design can be seen in its decorated and layered feathers, sharp beak and fearless eyes. Also to mention that the sculpture has been built in the most eco-friendly way without destroying the natural greenery around. It can be witnessed from the top. The Designer Sr. Rajiv Anchal, who is an Art Director as well as Film Director is the man behind this world famous sculpture. He is a specialist in sculpting from College of Fine Arts and is well recognised in the film fraternity with numerous awards and Oscar nominations in his kitty. It took him 10 years (from 2008-2018) to come up with this marvel. He was selected from an idea contest that was conducted by Kerala Govt. Story of Jatayu The Indian epic of Ramayana narrates the story of abduction of Sita, the wife of Lord Rama by the demon king Ravana. When Ravana kidnapped Sita and took her on his Pushpaka Vimana, he was met by Jatayu, a bird, who fearlessly fought with Ravana. But, Ravana with his sword cut one of Jatayu's wings due to which the wounded bird fell on the ground. Legends has it that the rock on which it fell is at the same place where this sculpture has been built. Sita had given Jatayu a boon that it will live until Lord Ram arrives so that it can tell the story of Sita's abduction. The rock on which Jatayu had fallen quenched it's thirst till Ram and Lakshman arrived and since then the pond near the rock has never been dry. One can see the footsteps of Ram on the temple premises. The story of Jatayu symbolises the fact that even a bird knows its duty to protect and safeguard women. Picture: Footprint of Lord Ram and the Temple How to Reach One can drive to the Jatayu Earth Center in Kollam from any nearby city. If you are coming from a different city, then fly to the nearest airport in Thiruvananthapuram from where a 3 hours drive will reach you to this fine art. Jatayu Earth Center is a unique experience with breathtaking views. The amazing roads that lead to this is a treat. No doubt you will not fall in love with this one! Here is the link to a Virtual Tour!

Aranmula Kannadi - World's Unique Mirror

You may have heard of more popular phrases like World's tallest building, tallest statue, longest Pizza and so on, but, are you aware of a marvel that is only manufactured in India? Yes, we are talking about the mirror that reflects your truest self - The Aranmula Kannadi or Aranmula Mirror, the only mirror with the real image of yourself. Pic Credits: What is so special about the mirror? Unlike typical "Silvered" glass mirrors, the Aranmula Kannadi is a metal alloy mirror. This is also known as the first surface mirror as it eliminates secondary reflections and hence able to give a more realistic and true self image. The make of the mirror is a family secret kept by the craft God, Vishwakarma, who is considered as the master of architect as per Hindu beliefs. Metallurgists believe that the mirror is made of an alloy of copper and tin. The mirror is hand made and is one of the 8 auspicious items used in auspicious functions like marriage. It is patent protected and boasts of GI tag given by the Govt. of India. The mirror has great cultural and traditional values and brings good luck. Story behind it The origins of the mirror making are linked to the famous Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple in Kerala. It is believed that centuries ago, the Royal Chief brought 8 families who excelled in temple arts and crafts to Aranmula to work on the mirrors to be used in Parthasarathy temple. The British Museum also has one 45cm long Aranmula Kannadi. Uniqueness Apart from the fact that it is the only metal alloy mirror in the world that gives the real image, there is only 1 design of mirror in the whole world. So if you possess one, you will not find the same design anywhere else! Isn't that totally amazing! Where can you buy it and what is the price? You can purchase it online at It comes in various designs and prizes that can range starts from INR 2500. If you are in the town of Aranmula, do not forget to visit the Parthasarathy Temple and the holy river of Pamba. So the next time you consider gifting something precious to your near and dear ones, Aranmula Kannadi is the perfect option.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

You may have seen churches across the world with different styles and architecture, but they may not lie anywhere near to the exquisite Gothic style church of Sagrada Familia built by Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi is known to be the architect of Spain, or more precisely, architect of the Catalonia region. Construction Sagrada Familia, a UNESCO World Heritage site, started in construction in 1882 and was only 20% completed by 1926 when Gaudi died. He had devoted his entire life in this project and hence was buried inside the church's crypt. The construction came to a halt during Spanish Civil War and World War 2 and was restarted in 1950. Surprisingly, it is still under construction! Isn't it fascinating to know that a church is under construction since last almost 200 years! It is scheduled to be completed by 2026 which marks the centennial of Gaudi's death. Gaudi was known to dislike straight lines and it can be seen in his design for Sagrada as well. He gave swelling outlines to the tower that was inspired by the holy mountains of Montserrat, on the outskirts of Barcelona. Interestingly, in his lifetime, only the apse walls, crypt, one tower and one portal had been finished! He would have marvelled on his own creation had he been alive! It has 18 towers, each of which has a significance of its own. The tower dedicated to Jesus Christ is in the middle and has 4 towers representing the Gospel around it. The tower above the apse represents Virgin Mary. The remaining 12 towers represents 12 apostles who carried out Jesus' work. All the towers and the rest of the building make 3 facades: Nativity Facade - This is about Jesus' birth Passion Facade - About his suffering and death Glory Facade (under construction) - About his resurrection Inside Sagrada Familia The main feature inside are the coloured tainted glasses that allow the sunlight to peek through thereby detailing the finest of art. Have a look! Sagrada Familia is a unique Church, now Basilica, should be a must visit in your itinerary. The architecture of Antoni Gaudi will take you back to wonderland!

Temples for Duryodhana

Did the title intrigue you? If you are a believer of Hinduism or are aware of the ancient epic of Mahabharata, you would certainly not associate Duryodhana to a God. But this is the beauty of India and Hinduism that you have acceptance of all beings in some culture or form. Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas and often remembered as the villain of the Mahabharata has two temples of his own - Kerala and Uttarakhand Malanada Duryodhana Temple - Kerala This temple is located in the Kollam district of Kerala. The striking feature of the temple is that it does not have any idol of Duryodhana, but only a platform. He is worshipped as "Malayappoopan". Interestingly, the temple also has deities of Karna, Shakuni, Dushala, Drona and Bheeshma. There is an amazing story behind the creation of this temple: It is said that when Duryodhana escaped from wax palace in search of the exiled Pandavas, he landed at this place tired and thirsty. An old lady and other people of the tribes served him water and food and took great care. After knowing that Duryodhana is a King, the tribes felt honoured that he accepted food from them and thereby held him in high regards. Duryodhana was happy with their gesture and prayed to Lord Shiva from a hill nearby. He prayed for the people's well-being. Eventually a temple was created for him and people started worshipping him as God. Instagram Pic Credits: poruvazhymalanadatemple Duryodhana Temple - Jakhol, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand Uttarakhand is known as "Devbhoomi" (Land Of Gods) and it is surprising to know that this pious land has a temple dedicated to the chief antagonist of Mahabharata. The local historians believe that the deity is of Duryodhana, however, local villagers consider it as Lord Someshwara, a manifestation of Lord Shiva as over a period of time they have distanced themselves from the negative image of Duryodhana. During his quest for Pandavas in their exiled period, Duryodhana reached the Jausar Bawal region in the Garhwal Himalaya. He was so enthralled by the beauty of this land that he requested Lord Mahasu, the reigning God, to grant him some piece of land so that he can take care of the people. He was granted his will by the divine. About 13kms from there in Osla, a temple was built for him by the inhabitants of Saur. When Kauravas were defeated and Duryodhana was killed, his followers wept so profusely that a river was formed, named Tapas, which is today known as Tons river. The Sayanas and the the Bajgis of the Jausar-Bawal district, along with the chief priest, carry Duryodhana's idol from Jakhol village on the 21st of Ashada month (21st June to 21st July).The idol travels to Fitori village in Mori district, then to Kotegaon and Datmir. After 20 days the procession ends to Osla. On the 15th day of Pausha (December/Jan month), the idol is welcomed back at Jakhol with enthralling celebration with drums. Pic Credits: Times of India Would you like to visit these temples?

Bullet Baba - The motorcycle that is worshipped

The title must have left you wondering about the story, isn't it? Yes, you read it correct! There is a motorcycle, a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet numbered RNJ7773, that is treated like a God and worshipped by people. Also known as Om Banna shrine, it is located in the Pali district near Jodhpur, Rajasthan on the Pali-Jodhpur highway in Chotila village. There is a fascinating story behind this. Instagram Pic Credits: ombanna7773_ On December 2, 1988 Om Singh Rathore, a local, was travelling from Bangdi town to Pali where his Bullet bike crashed near Chotila Village. He died on the spot and his motorcycle fell into a ditch. When police was investigating the cause of death, they brought the bike to the Police Station. Surprisingly, the bike was missing the next morning and was found back at the ditch! This time the police got it back to the station, emptied the fuel tank and chained it with locks. To everyone's shock, the bike was again missing the next morning. And you guessed it right, it was found in the same ditch again. This story spread in the village like fire and people started believing that it still has the soul of Om Singh Rathore. Eventually, the bike was brought to the Chotila village and a temple was built for it. People started worshipping it as the 'Bullet Bike' and the temple is known as "Bullet Baba's temple". Worship Everyday nearby villagers and travellers bow their heads and give offerings like sweets, incense sticks, flowers and liquor to the temple. Travellers believe that any journey without paying a visit to the temple may be dangerous and result in some accident. Instagram Pic Credits: om_banna_7773_fanclub So next time you visit Jodhpur, do not miss this amazing temple and pay your visits to the "Bullet Baba".

Rani Durgavati Museum, Jabalpur

India is a place of historical importance where literally every nook and corner of the country has something to story tell. It is either depicted in the form of monuments or museums. A country that boasts of many museums which houses work dating back to BC, it is worthwhile to visit them. One such museum is Rani Durgavati Museum of Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) dedicated to the erstwhile Queen of Jabalpur who fought bravely against the Mughals. The museum not only shows the life story of the Queen in pictures, but houses many more things that are more popular - Ancient Sculptures of Hindu Gods and Jain Tirthankars, Chausath Yogini idols, coin collection in chronological order which dates back to Gupta Dynasty (2nd century BC), depiction of Gond Tribe of MP and some very old writings known to mankind. Fees - 20 INR for Indians and 100 INR for Foreigners Still Camera - 100 INR Video Camera - 200 INR Sculptures Beautiful Collection of statues that have been excavated in and around Jabalpur have been displayed in this hall. It is the first area when you enter the museum. Since the statues are as old as 5th Century AD, some of them have been damaged or were found damaged during excavation. However, it does not at all lower the thrill of admiring the intricacies that were carved on this hard stone. The statues are of Hindu Gods - Vishnu, Ganesha, Maheshwar, Bhairav, etc. It also has many related to Jain Tirthankars like Adinath (Known to be the first Jain Tirthankara) and others. Coins from BC to AD The second floor of the museum starts with an amazing collection of the coins that have been a part of the human race since civilisation. The history of the usage of coins is fascinating in itself. From the barter system to metal, the museum gives a history on the same. One can find the coins from Gupta Dynasty (2nd century BC) till the modern Scindia dynasty of Madhya Pradhesh (19 century AD). A small room with coins in chronological order will interest you in delving deep into history. The oldest coins comes in various shapes and are totally unreadable. As and when we move ahead, the clarity increases (owing to the newness) and once can see the evolution of this financial system. Slide across to see some of the visuals: The Gond Tribe The Gond tribe is as old as 1200 AD and is known to originate from Madhya Pradesh. It resembles closely to Dravidian era and was earlier spread across MP, Chhattisgarh and Southern parts of the country. The tribe is now reserved as ST as per the Indian constitution and the people are mostly confined to eastern MP. The museum depicts the lifestyle of this age old tribe. The room adjacent to this is the ones where you can find ancient scripts in Sanskrit which goes back to Before Christ era. One can also see the earlier chalk art that people did on stones. It is intriguing to know how archaeologists and historians are able to figure out the writings and translate to today's understandable languages. The museum is spread in a relatively larger area and is maintained well. The compound has more excavated statues that makes one think about the enormous kingdoms and artistic capabilities of earlier times. If you have time and are interested in some history, this museum is strongly recommended. Check out the below link to know more about Jabalpur and interesting places to visit:

Poble Espanyol - The Spanish Village

What will you do if you want to see the whole of Spain in one place? The simple answer is to visit Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. Built in 1929, it was created to build the soul of Spain in a single space. It has scaled representations of buildings of different regions of Spain. Not just buildings, but also artisans of Dali, Picasso and Guinovart. Here is the entrance to Poble Espanyol: Do you know that: The creators of Poble Espanyol actually visited 1600+ places in Iberian Peninsula and Southern Portugal to choose the buildings that should be represented here. There are 117 buildings in total. Some scenes of the famous move 'Perfume - The story of a murderer' was shot here. A lot of Disney Theme parks are inspired by Poble Espanyol It was intended that Poble Espanyol will be demolished after the 1929 exhibition, but was spared after it started getting good reviews and traction Poble Espanyol during the Civil War and after During the Civil war of 1936-39, Poble Espanyol was converted to a prisoner camp. After the war as well it was under the threat of ruin since Franco supported used this site for anti-Catalan messages. The change started happening in 1985 when the city council took the initiative of reforming Poble Espanyol and reconstructed the buildings to make this site for leisure, culture and tourism. The impact was that 6L people visited in 1987. But not much later, the place started to get into financial trouble and the council thought that nothing can save it from closure. Thanks to some entrepreneurs who funded the project and revived Poble Espanyol. Today, it is not just a place of leisure but a single space where once can study about entire Spain and feel the aura. Do take out at least half a day here if you visit Barcelona!

Hong Kong Gurudwara, Hindu Temple & Mosque

What is life existence without the realisation of the Supreme Himself? Can't imagine! Indians are known to be more religious and spiritual. It is not only within India but is carried with them wherever they go. Hong Kong has many people of Indian origin and Indians themselves, most of them being Sikhs and Hindus. Naturally, the place of worship came into existence. So if you visit HK and miss the temples, you have an option! Gurudwara - Khalsa Diwan The Gurudwara was built in 1901 by the Sikh members of the British Army in Hong Kong. Since, the number of Sikhs living in HK kept growing, there was a need of a bigger space for the temple and subsequently it was expanded. The Gurudwara is in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong. Time of Bombing In the 1940s war, the bombing over the area damaged the Gurduwara and even proved fatal for the then priest. However, there was no damage done to the holy book. Many people, both Sikhs and non Sikhs sought refuge in the Gurudwara during that time. It was later reconstructed. Today, the Gurudwara is visited by hundreds of devotees daily and it also provides 'langar'. Offer your 'seva' (help in serving, cleaning dishes, cooking, etc.) and also experience eating in a langar with many others. It is not only visited by Indian origin people but also Hong Kongers, Philippines, Indonesians, Pakistanis and others who reside in Hong Kong. How to reach? Get down at Wan Chai A3 exit and follow the sign board of Sikh temple after crossing the road. It is about 15 mins walk. Alternatively, the buses going to 'The Peak' pass infront of the Gurudwara and you may get down at the nearest stop. Hindu Temple - Happy Valley The Hindu Temple in Happy Valley was founded in 1949 by the Hindu Association. One can see many devotees coming here and praying daily. All the major Hindu festivals are celebrated with full devotion and rituals. It is also visited by the Indian Consulate General and other dignitaries on major occasions like Diwali. The temple has deities of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and also Lord Hanuman. Devotees can also avail priest services for any rituals. How to Reach? It can be easily reached by the Happy valley tram. Just get down at the last station, i.e. Happy Valley and a 2-3 mins walk will take you to the temple. Kowloon Mosque The Kowloon Mosque is perhaps the biggest religious place in terms of space and is a pious place for Muslims. The first mosque was built in the year 1896 by the 'Mohemeddans of Upper India" who had arrived in Hong Kong with the British Army. However it was later rebuilt in 1984 and was spread over 16000 sq ft. on the Nathan Road (TST). It celebrates and organises all major Muslim festivals and also the Friday prayers. The mosque also has madrassa for the religious teaching of students. There are other Mosques in Hong Kong as well- Wan Chai, Stanley and in Chai Wan. Churches There are also many Churches in Hong Kong which are visited by the locals who follow Christianity. Some of the notable ones are Community Church, Lifehouse International, Methodist International Church, Vine Church and more!

How the world celebrated Diwali?

Diwali is perhaps the most auspicious festivals of the Hindus that is celebrated not just in India but everywhere across the world. The piousness and importance of this festival is such that it is celebrated and greeted by world leaders and also depicted in some form or other. However due to Covid restrictions, the celebrations were muted this time. Here are a few photographs of Diwali 2020 from around the world. Empire State Building - United States Trump celebrating Diwali at the White House Singapore It is a public holiday in Singapore on the Occassion of Deepawali. Ayodhya Ayodhya set up the Guiness World record of lighting arounf 6 lakhs Diyas on Diwali. The beauty can well be seen in the photo below. Golden Temple, Amritsar How can one miss this spectacular site? Wish I was there during this time! Mumbai Station Like any other occassion, the famous CST station of Mumbai was well lit for Diwali 2020. Burj Khalifa - Dubai Be it Mahatma's birth anniversary or SRK's birthday or any major Indian occassion, Burj Khalifa never fails to astonish us with the amazing visuals! Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia Hope to have a grander celebration like always, next year when the pandemic ends! Till then a very Happy Diwali!!

An HK day trip with the locals!

Visit any new city and the touristy places are easy to search for and find. Like the first few noticeable things in Hong Kong are - The Peak, Victoria Harbour, Big Buddha, Disneyland, Ocean Park, Causeway Bay and the likes. Covering these places itself consumes a week. But even if you explore more, there are some things that are bound to be missed and can only be known by a local! Thanks to my colleagues - Earvin, Ivy and Stephanie who not only showed my around but also explained the background of those places! Mind you! These places are only accessible by personal vehicle. There are public transport but it leaves you far behind the main spots. So let's begin the day! Sai Wan Swimming Shed Swimming Sheds were built by the HK govt. in the 20th century that provided changing rooms and wooden piers near the sea shore. Sai Wan is one of them and currently is the only shed that is serviceable. It is said that mostly oldies come here for a good dive and swim! It is also one of the worst kept secrets of a beautiful senset point. People who know of the place come here and relax amidst the thick trees, beautiful vintage shed and the lovely sea! Sai Wan Swimming Shed Isn't it cool? That is why I keep saying - HK is the place where you can find sea, awesome city life, hills and sufficient nature! Starting from here I was surprised by my head when he gave a great ride in his Tesla and we head straight towards the Airport side! Airport Not many venture out to the backside of the Airport where you can witness the gigantic sea, aeroplane yard and the famous Zuhai bridge of China, all together! You don't believe me? Slide across below: I am sure after seeing this, you will make up your plan to visit Airport for a day trip as well :D Close to the airport are the head offices of 2 of the iconic airlines that is also the face of Hong Kong - Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon. Unfortunately the pandemic has brought upon a really tough time for them. The low cost airline Cathay Dragon is shut and we were there at the last day when people were taking their last pics with the airline board. Cathay Dragon From Left - Stephanie, Me, Earvin, Ivy We could see Air Hostesses and pilots taking their last shots with the board as memories. It must have been heart breaking for them. Cathay Pacific Not far away is the grand office of the airline Cathay Pacific. It is currently an emotional topic for all the Hong Kong people as the news of cutting down of its staff went public. HK is a small yet powerful city and this airline brand resonates in the world. Naturally, the emotion. However, thanks to Earvin, who was a former employee with Cathay had an amazing story to tell about the below aircraft. Cathay office greets you with their first ever propeller plane dating back to World War II era. Interestingly, this was lost during transit and was later found in Australia. It was then flown back to Hong Kong and has been kept as a symbol of Cathay. It gives a different spark altogether! Here is a glimpse of the aircraft again: Video Credits: Earvin After an amazing 2 hours spent near the Airport, next in line was the Lantau link Visitor Center which showcases 2 important bridges of Hong Kong - Ting Kau Bridge and Tsing Ma Bridge Lantau link Visitor Center Located near the northwest corner of the Tsing Yi island in the new territories, the Lantau Link Visitor Center is an observation deck which gives a serene view to the two Hong kong bridges. That's me getting a good view of the bridge and also the moving cars on it! Ting Kau Bridge This 3800 ft long bridge connects the Airport at the Lantau Island to the rest of the Hong Kong. It started operations from 1998 and since then carries the heaviest volume of traffic. Needless to say that it looks beautiful in the night. And if I go to the other side of the ground, I see a different bridge. Tsing Ma Bridge This bridge was the 2nd longest suspension bridge at the time of its completion in 1998. It connects HK with the Lantau Island and New Territories. Prior to this bridge, Lantau could only be accessed through water. Getting to this Lantau Center is easier by a personal vehicle.You can find a nice restaurant with this amazing view. Spend some time in this quiet part of the city. Our next destination was the older parts of Hong Kong - Sham Shui Po. Though I had been to a few places in Sham Shui Po, notably the electronic market, but this time I had to shop for some local Chinese Tea. Instagram Pic Credits: sjmusgrave Roam this local side of Hong Kong which also gives a feel of the mainland. It is not swanky like the Island side of the city but has definitely preserved its age old charm. And when it comes to dinner, avoid the restaurants and directly go to the local street food, called as 'Tai Pai Dong' Instagram Credits: chkwan23 and ianhc_22 To my surprise, it also had amazing vegetarian dishes. I was also skeptical that such places may not offer vegetarian food but I was wrong. It was not only cheap but also tasty! I had veg Chowmein and Tofu (which were deliciously soft) along with the popular local beer 'Tsingtao'. All in all it was an amazing day which couldn't have been possible without my colleagues. I thank them once again!

Work Remotely and Travel

These are tough times. It started with such a fear that stepping out of the house had to be thought twice. However, due to various factors, we all have started going out. Be it for work or essentials, getting rid of boredom, travel, social events, slowly life is returning back to normal. However, the threat of the virus remains. Still, this time can also be capitalized to full-fill your dream of working remotely from a vacation spot. Of course, your work should allow that flexibility. So if you plan to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity (maybe!), you can get along with Zostel Longstays. What is it? Zostel has started providing longstay options to travellers who wish to enjoy a lengthy stay at their favourite vacation spots without compromising on the work. They guarantee to provide essential services like Wi-fi, meals along with regular hotel services, keeping in mind the Covid precautions. Where can you travel and at what price? (Taken for November) Mashobra, Shimla How about working from the Zostel room and then enjoy your weekends with this view? Sounds exciting! Also, Shimla is just a half an hour ride from Mashobra. Instagram Pic Credits: akashsaklanii Cost: Rs. 27,000 for double bed room for 1 month (Taken from Zostel website - subject to change) Rs. 7,500 in 6 bed dorm room for 1 month (for 1 bed) Udaipur, Rajasthan Imagine working from a royal city! Get to Udaipur, stay in a Zostel and enjoy the city life, forts, Rajasthani culture after work! Cost: Rs. 19,000 for double bed for 1 month (Taken from Zostel website - subject to change) Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Ever lived in a spiritual and religious place? Learn the essence of life by spending some time in this holy city. Instagram Pic Credits: esmasiddiqui Cost: Rs. 16,500 for double bed for 1 month (Taken from Zostel website - subject to change) Vagamon, Kerala How about working from 'God's own country'? We all plan for a vacation in Kerala, but now is the time that we can plan without compromising leaves or salary! Work full day and enjoy such rides on weekends! Instagram Pic Credits: naveen_jose Cost: Rs. 29,000 for double bed for 1 month (Taken from Zostel website - subject to change) Rs. 8,600 in 8 bed dorm room for 1 month (for 1 bed) Gokarna, Karnataka You dont have to plan for Goa only when it comes to beaches. Club that with blissfulness and visit Gokarna. Beer and friends after work at such beach would make the best of your day! Instagram Pic Credits: as_we_travel Cost: Rs. 9,600 for 6 bed for dorm room for 1 month (Taken from Zostel website - subject to change) For more locations and prices, visit Make the best of your schedule during these harsh times, keeping in mind the safety. Happy work and happy vacationing!

Welcome to Disneyland Hong Kong!

Who doesn't know Disney and who doesn't know Disneyland?! I bet no one! But yet all of us irrespective of our age dream to visit this dreamland which is not just a fantasy but also magical. The closest and probably cheapest to visit from India is the Hong Kong Disneyland! Located in the outskirts of the city, it is easily reachable by Bus or Metro. Take the MTR from Hong Kong MTR Station for Sunny Bay. There are sufficient signboards to guide you through. Change the train from Sunny Bay to Disneyland! Your magical day starts with the train itself! In about 10 minutes, we reach Disneyland! The excitement increases tenfolds when you see the welcome gate: Enter inside and the world changes. There is a ticketing counter before the main park begins and you may show your online tickets/vouchers or can purchase a new one. Due to Covid, there was a pre-registration on the Disneyland Hong Kong website. Once the tickets formalities are done, here we go! It is customary to take out our cameras and we started shooting the beautiful buildings. But, there was a surprise! Woah! What an energetic, mesmerising, magical, beautiful, etc. etc. etc. start! Your entire childhood is right in front of you! Here onwards, everything is beautiful. Buildings, shops, rides, the park and the people! Walk down the same road and you witness the castle of your dreams! If you want to capture your selfie, then queue up and the staff will help you! Here am I with my friend. The diversion of routes start here with options for Tomorrowland, IronMan and Antman shows, Adventureland, Mystic Manor, Philhar Magic, It's a small world, Winnie the Pooh and so many! We started with the Iron Man! He was humble enough for a photo :D . But even Ironman was Covid conscious :P . He had his mask and I had mine! There is an amazing Ironman museum that showcases everything related to Stark Industries. Head next to the Adventureland! Get the taste of boating, Theatre in the Jungle with Lion King, Tarzan Tree and some cool real looking man-made animals! The boat ride in AdventureLand takes you through the waters with Elephants, Chimpanzees, Rhino, Hippo, Cobras and Zebras! Slide across and roam with me! Adventureland is not yet over! Time for some amazing performances in the Theatre in the Jungle- with Lion King! Hakuna Matata!!! After this energetic performance, time for the Mystic Land! Mystic Manor - This is probably the best ever creation that Disneyland has ever made. It truly will make you feel that you indeed are in a magical world. Photos may not do justice to this statement. It can only be experienced inside the beautiful castle and riding on the lorry! Check out! And all this magic was inside this castle: Amidst all this, how could we forget our lovely Winnie the Pooh? I bet every child had thought that honey was only prepared by Winnie in this whole wide world! Do you want to know how it looked from inside? Check out! Any conversation about Disney can go on and on. But one cannot forget "Frozen". From movie to merchandising, it ruled our hearts. And just for that, there is an amazing performance for it! Wasn't that a fairytale? This is what all you can do in the day! But when the sun sets, the beauty of the park is at a different level. Slide across some of the photos: That's not all! Because Mickey wont leave you so easily. Mickey has a surprise for everyone! Watch it till the end :) So that was a full 1-day trip to Disneyland Hong Kong! You may choose to stay at the Disneyland resort which I am sure would enrich the experience tenfolds. And the magical day ended with this