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Shri Yantra Mandir - The Perfect Geometry

With every new sculpture or monument I come across, the feeling of pride that I belong to Bharat profounds. A yet another example of such a thing lies in our temple - once again! Welcome to Shri Yantra Mandir of Amarkantak, which is nothing but A Perfect Geometry.

Surrounded by forests and a water reservoir, stands the Shree Yantra Mandir dedicated to Goddess Tripur Sundari (Beauty of the 3 worlds).

The Mathematical Wonder of the Temple

It is built on an elevated platform measuring 90,000 sq.ft. in the form of a mandal of uniform length, breadth and height - each measuring 52 sq.ft. The temple in the middle of the compound is unique as instead of a shikhara, it has the shape of Shri Yantra -

It is formed by 9 interlocking isosceles triangles of varying dimensions that surround and radiate from a focal point - known as the Bindu. The triangles are so interfaced that they form 43 smaller triangles in a maze perfectly depicting the cosmos.

Just below the triangles structure you can see two rows of lotus petals - 8 and 16 respectively.

The temple has been built keeping in considerations of Vaastu Shastra. 'Dance of time' is displayed on the external walls. The 4 edges on the top have 4 paws of a powerful lion with spherical balls stuck in them. These spherical balls symbolise the life and death cycle of human beings and the way they are trapped in it.

The circumference of the temple has the long snake that ultimately reaches the front of the temple and stand with its hood wide open.

Notice the 4 faces above - These represent Goddesses Kali, Bhuvneshwari, Saraswati and Lakshmi. The lower part of the structure consists of the Yoginis - 16 on each side with Tantrik cults.

How to Reach?

Amarkantak is a 5 hour drive from Jabalpur and can be reached by car or public bus. The route and the roads are both fantastic and scenic. Here is a sneak peak of the same:

If you visit this place, try to acknowledge and understand the intricacies behind this construction which will definitely make you feel proud of how ancient powerhouse we were once!

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