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Temple on the Hill - Sharda Devi, Jabalpur

Temples are the places where you always get positive energy, isn't it? Not just this but you also feel calm and quiet even if it is in the centre of the city. What if such a temple is situated at the top of a hill surrounded by amazing views and with practically very few people in non festive times? Welcome to Sharda Devi Temple in Barela, Jabalpur!


This temple was built by the great queen Rani Durgavati during the 1500s during a drought situation in the region. The region had not had any rainfall due to which the locals were unable to grow food. As Sharda Devi is widely worshipped in this place, Rani Durgavati had got this temple built which kept her faith in the Gods. As soon as she raised the religious flag over the temple, minutes after it rained heavily and the land's thirst was quenched.

Not only this, but after a fierce battle with Sultan Baj Bahadur, Rani Durgavati successfully defeated his army and made him flee the place. The winning made her raise the flag yet again and the nature repeated herself by showering all over the region. Since then the ceremony of raising flags has been going on in the temple premises.

The temple has the idols of Maa Sharda, Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha. It can be easily reached by well maintained roads. The view from the top is simply amazing!

Having spent some time here, I felt like meditating to the fullest. The atmosphere was so full of energy and positive vibes. Cool breeze and the city view added to the already enriched experience.

I have always been an admirer of temples and their architecture. We often just visit temples and leave it in a few minutes by just offering prayers to our Lords, but instead temples are best experienced when you give it some time and sit in there. This is because of the energy system that has been widely written in Hindu texts and also explained in Yoga. Your mind will be full of positivity owing to the design of the temples and the nature of the place, be it ancient or modern.

Try this once and take a pledge to sit in a temple for some time in order to experience this supernatural phenomenon of energies!

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