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Ramdara Temple & Lake, Pune

It is 2022 and wishing you all a very happy new year! With a hope to travel and explore more places, I set out on a drive on the 1st of Jan. A small road trip with my father! After coming to Pune, I did not drive to any place and hence wanted to start the year with it. With google maps and my mobile phone, I took a small journey to Ramdara Temple and Lake, situated in Loni in Pune. It is hardly 25kms from the city centre and I must admit that what a beautiful start of the year it is!

Tall coconut trees making the perfect shade for the temple and the beautiful lake surrounding it will make you in a joyful state of mind. Merely roaming around the premises will give a very positive vibe.

How to reach?

Though it can be easily navigated on the Google Maps, neverthless, just drive on the Sholapur highway and cross the Loni Kalbhor Toll Plaza. A signboard to Ramdara will guide you through the Loni Kalbhor village. Drive past the village to reach the temple. You will find bad roads for some time but then once you approach the village, the roads and the surroundings become more beautiful!

About the temple

So, the temple was built by Dhundi Baba (Shri Devi Puri Maharaj) in 1970 who also has his samadhi here. It is devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvaty but has sculptures of many other deities as well. The temple can be is hidden amidst the surrounding hills and cannot be spotted from a distance. It is when you come closer to it, you can see the shikhara. The beautifully carved sculptures on the temple pillars is soothing and takes you back to mythology lessons.

The temple is more famous for Ram, Sita and Lakshman and hence the name Ramdara. One can also find sculptures of Sant Tukaram, Surdas, Meera, Ramdas, Swami Vivekanand and others here. Sanskrit shlokas from Gita and mentioned on the ceiling walls. I would highly recommend you to recite it. This is because recitation of shlokas in this surrounding will fill you up with good vibes and positivity.

Around the Temple Premises

Once you have seen the temple from inside, it is time to take a stroll around this beautiful compound. You will be amazed to find beautiful tree garden where devotees sit and do the Kirtan. Get immersed in this spiritual environment.

I actually did stop by and listened to this spiritual musical gathering! As you can also see that the place is full of big and heavy trees which makes this place a lot cooler than any other. You can also find almost real looking animals ;)

Aren't they too real!!!!

There are also some exotic birds that visit this place and if you are lucky, you may spot one. The lake surrounding the temple is clean and adds to the positivity. Do read about the significance of water body near the temple compounds.

All, in all, it was really a wonderful start of the year. From a travel perspective, I wish that we all explore new places and find out hidden gems of our country, like the Ramdara Temple. Here is a sneak peak as well!

And that's me with my father! Next time I will try to smile more :D

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