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Paris - The City of Love 💓

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

A trip to Europe is incomplete without Paris. The city is amazed by not just the Eiffel Tower, but also Sacre-Coeur, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Champs Elysees, Arc De Triomphe and the list is endless!

My first ever visit to Paris was in April 2019, well before the Covid era. I had taken a connecting flight from Moscow. After about 9 hours flying from Delhi, I landed at the Charles De Guelles airport.

As most of the airports, Paris airport was also at the outskirts of the city. After a smooth but immigration process, I headed towards my pre-booked car that I had arranged with my travel partner. Although, metro and buses are also convenient options, but the joy of getting a ride in a luxury car and that too in Paris is worth it!

"One can fall in love with Paris as soon as you step out of the airport. The architecture, roads and the outside view makes it so serene.”

Heading straight to my hotel Le Marceau Bastille at the Jules Cesar street, I checked in. Since I have been to Singapore and and now Hong Kong, nothing can be compared with the natural and architectural beauty of Europe. My hotel was also built out of old stones and bricks which gave it an antique look. Most of the buildings appear unique owing to their construction material, perhaps. Since, my to do list was already planned, I headed out after a quick shower and snacks.

Arc De Triomphe

Built in the memory of soldiers fought during the French Revolution and Napolean Wars, Arc De Triomphe is situated at the Champ Elysses and is one of the must places to visit. It is the first stop in the Big Bus Paris Tour.

Moulin Rouge

Though expensive, it is a big tourist attraction for people from across the world as it offers musical dance entertainment and takes you back in the original French performance.

Louvre Museum

Perhaps the largest museum in the world, it is so huge that if you stand for 30 seconds in front of every artefact or painting or collection, it would take around 3 months to finish it. The main highlight is the Mona Lisa painting. It is a small portrait in a hall so big that it is always full of people. I somehow managed to take a picture!

There are other magnificent portraits as well that depict the art in vivid ways. If you are an art lover, then you should definitely spend at least half a day here.

After seeing the Italian, Chinese, Greek, Indian and others arts, I decided to head towards the most awaited - The Sienne River Cruise and EIFFEL!

Sienne River Cruise

Refreshing, Mesmerizing and always enchanting the Paris beauty - Sienne river cruise is a no bargain for any Paris trip. It is available with every tour and gives you a glance of Paris in just a ride of about 1 hour. The breeze, tourist crowd, multi language commentary and the view are to die for. And once you are done with the cruise, it is time for Eiffel! (In fact, the pic has been taken from the top of Eiffel!)

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