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Parashuram Statue in Jabalpur

Parashuram Ji is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is considered to be the immortal one. He is believed to re-appear at the end of Kaliyuga as the Guru of Vishnu's tenth incarnation, Kalki.

The excitement and thrill of such events grow manifold when we, the moral human beings, witness places of such Gods during their human incarnations era. One such place of Parashuram Ji is in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Situated at the outskirts of Khamaria in Jabalpur, this 31 ft tall Parashuram statue was established in the late 2000s. It has a wide area all around it and surrounded by farm lands. The statue was built on top of the rock cave where Parashuram meditated and prayed for a very long time. The cave itself is around 20ft from the ground.

This is where He used to meditate and pray:

The statue also boasts of 14 ft long and 2.5 ft wide(top) tomahawk (axe) which is considered to be Parashuram's weapon. It also features in the Golden book of records as the largest tomahawk.

As the statue is built on the rock, the front view was difficult to take due to the steepness of the rock. I somehow managed with this GoPro selfie :D

Talking about the place and the surroundings will not give justice to the magnificent feel that can be experienced here. Being on top of a rock with farm lands all around you and with practically no one makes you feel like the king of the world! Come here, relax, meditate, introspect, do whatever! In fact, thanks to my GoPro, the surroundings pic came as if it is the Earth's curvature. Have a look:

Since this place is on the outskirts of the city of Jabalpur, hardly anyone visits it on a daily basis. But during festive occasions related to Lord Vishnu, and especially Parashuram Jayanti,, the local people throng to this place to offer their devotion. As a customary practice, they climb up to the feet of the statue and touch them to seek blessings.

There is a temple on the opposite side of the statue dedicated to Him. Locals and tourists (if any) visit it and pray for their well beings.

Here is a sneak peak of my journey:

So what are you waiting for? Head out to this offbeat destination!


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