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A walk through the Dumna Nature Park

Finding a jungle in a big city is almost impossible. People throng to nearby areas where they can find some peace in the middle of the nature and be away from the hustle & bustle of the city. This is precisely the reason why I love tier 2 and 3 cities where one can have a perfect balance of the both. Dumna Nature Reserve Park in Jabalpur is one such place!

Dumna Nature Reserve Park is an eco-tourism spot in Jabalpur with around 1000+ hectares of land! Yes, that is the advantage of living in Madhya Pradesh! It is located near to the airport and has rich wildlife and trees. One can easily spot deer, wild boars and even jackals. Not to mention the different types of birds that can be seen here as well! It is open from 10AM in the morning till 6PM in the evening.

People throng to this place for some day relaxation and to enjoy the nature. The park gives you a view of the Khandari lake which itself is a peaceful moment. One can also cycle on the defined cycle track to enjoy the forest. The management has also started a toy train that takes you on a round of this amazing park. You can find the animals during this ride and re-invent your childhood :)

Remember the old toy train stations? ;)

That's me taking a GoPro selfie with the Khandari Lake! The park also has a cafe in case you want to grab a bite or have a sip of tea or coffee. People mostly bring their own cooked food and make this journey as a picnic tour. The picnics that we used to have in our childhoods still exist in the rest of the parts of the country! Unfortunately we miss this in the Delhis and Mumbais of India!

All in all, Dumna is a perfect getaway for the day. Come along with your family, friends or even solo to enjoy the nature, wildlife, silence and rejuvenate yourself for the week ahead!

Take a sneak peak:

Madhya Pradesh has always been less popularised amongst tourists and travellers. In fact, it has the most offerings to show you in various formats. Next time you make a vacation plan, MP can be the number 1 on your bucket list!


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