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Paris - 5 days

France was the first destination of my Euro Trip. This is how I planned my entire Euro trip of 11 days in just 1.8L which includes everything! Here are the details

New Delhi to Paris

Delhi Airport: IGI T3

Airline: Aeroflot

Change Flight at Moscow (2 hours halt)

Moscow to Paris- Aeroflot


Transportation and Accommodation in Costa Brava

Airport to Hotel : Pre booked cab service from the Travel Operator

Hotel: Le Marceau Bastille


  • Double Bed

  • Breakfast

Hotel Paris.jpg

Itinerary: Day 1

My excitement for the first ever Euro trip knew no bounds. The flight touched down at the Charles De Gaulles airport. After stepping out of the aircraft we went towards the immigration counter which was crowded with visitors from all across the world. It was easy to spot Indians from a distance. Being the month of April, the tourist season had begun and it was easy to spot familes, friends, solo travelers in the Immigration Queue. 

After a smooth immigration process I collected my luggage and got a call from my cab driver. He was waiting just at the entrance of the airport. He was a tall guy from Morocco. He helped me with my luggage and in a minute we were in his cab which was actually a BMW! Yes, those were the perks from the Travel Operator!

I reached my hotel and checked-in. It was around 12 noon. The hotel building was a typical old style French architecture. 

After a quick shower, I was ready to step out and explore this amazing City

  • Arc De Triomphe

  • Champs Elysees 

  • Moulin Rogue

Itinerary: Day 2

Spending a day in Paris and not seeing the Eiffel cannot hold for long! So this day is perhaps the best of all. 

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

  • Sienne River Cruise

  • Eiffel Tower

Itinerary: Day 3

Visiting Paris and not seeing the Louvre? That's cheating! And after that time to see some local streets and prominent hangout points of Paris

  • Louvre Museum

  • Latin Quarter

Itinerary: Day 4

You may have thought that you have covered a lot, but No! Paris never ends. Enjoy this day with some breathtaking city view from Montmartre

  • Montmartre

  • The Center Pompidou

Itinerary: Day 5

There are so many things in Paris that even 5 days are less. But nevertheless, we have already covered the more famous ones. So let us reserve the last day for :

  • Place de la Concorde

  • Les Invalides

But if you have the full 5th day with you, then you should reserve the full day for Palace of Versailles

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