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Jaipur - The capital city of the state of Rajasthan. Almost everyone in the world knows about the beauty of this city. Europeans, Americans, Asians, Japanese, and almost all definitely visit this city in their India travel. Nevertheless, people from all over India must have visited Jaipur if at all they toured the northern part of the country.

Enough said, Jaipur is a city which cannot be just read in books. You have to visit to feel the majestic life of the then Kings who ruled the state for decades. Often called as the 'Pink City' since you can find many houses in pink colour, it can be No. 1 on your list!

How to Reach?

Airport: Jaipur International 

Buses: From all the nearby states

Trains: From all the major states

Recommended: Road Trip from Delhi (takes just about 4-5 hours)

Accomodation & Transport

Oyo, MMT,

     Transport - Hired Vehicle

Day 1

Hawa Mahal

Everyone knows this even if we are aware of the history or not. Hawa Mahal is the most prominent site in Jaipur. As the name suggests, a unique mansion which is supposed to be very airy. Situated in the heart of the city, this was built in the year 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. This pink and red sandstone architecture boasts of 953 small windows which are architecturally designed in a way such that it is always windy. Now because of many new construction all around, the wind often gets blocked. However, the intricacies are to look out for.

Hawa Mahal.jpg

Hawa Mahal Front View

Hawa Mahal Interiors.jpg

Hawa Mahal Interiors

City Palace

Not very far away is the City Palace. This is where the then Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II lived after he moved from Amber palace to this one. It now houses the museum and you can see the antique royal armouries  vessels and crockeries to get a feel of the life of a Maharaja. 

City Palace.jpg

The royal compound of the City Palace

Palace Rifles.jpg

Rifles at that time


Ride Please!

Jantar Mantar

This UNESCO World Heritage site was built by Rajput singh Sawai Jai Singh in 1734. Jantar Mantar derives its meaning from Sanskrit words meaning 'calculating instrument'

Located in the vicinity of Hawa Mahal and City Palace, this place will give you a complete understanding of the science used to calculate earth related things like time of sunrise and sunset, distance between celestial bodies, astronomy, northern and southern hemispheres, etc.

The observatory consists of 19 instruments that calculate almost everything. 

Jantar Mantar.jpg
Jantar Mantar 1.jpg

Astronomic observations


Jay Prakash - To measure altitudes, hours angles and declinations.

Day 2

Amber Palace

Located in Amer, 11km from Jaipur, Amber Fort is the most prominent tourist place in Jaipur. ​Originally built by the Meenas, it was ruled by Raja Man Singh. The fort is known for its artistic style elements and overlooks the Maota lake, which is the main source of water for Amer. The fort was identified as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013. Check out the 4 courtyards and admire the interiors and sound and light show in the night. 

Amber Palace.jpg

Elephant Trip

Before you start your journey to the Amber Fort, remember to take an Elephant Ride to the main entrance of the fort. These Elephants are decorated with traditional patterns and carry visitors.

Elephant Trip.jpg

Pic Credits: Jaipur Travel Guide

Note: The Elephants carry limited number of tourists everyday which is fixed by the RTDC (Rajasthan Tourist Development Corporation) in order to prevent animal cruelty. Hence, advisable to start early in the morning.

Chokhi Dhani

After a hectic day of Fort visit which will take almost a day, you deserve an amazing traditional Rajasthani style dinner. Visit the Chokhi Dhani resort and have the heartiest meal of your life. Get served by the locals wearing the traditional dress and turban. Sit on the floor and enjoy the hospitality!

Chokhi Dhani.jpg

There are many other places to see in Jaipur if you have got more days:

  • Nahargarh Fort

  • Jal Mahal

  • Local Market

and many others. 

These 2 days visit to Jaipur will give you a good feel of the Rajasthani offerings. It is a weekend destination for people living in Delhi-NCR region.

2 days in Jaipur can also be the start of a Rajasthan Itinerary. Stay tuned for more updates!

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